My Mochi kitten is the ultimate gossip girl and fashionista!

Misty and Mochi are my two clever kittens that live with me in Singapore. Like other beautiful youths, they cherish many hopes and dreams for the future. However they also face personal difficulties and they like to share their experiences with others. Mochi is the youngest sibling and she is also the most adored girl in the household. She is often described as beautiful, gorgeous, mesmerising and enchanting. Her MBTI profile is ESFP and she will win your heart and steal your wallet!

mochi kitten
Ever since Mochi was a baby, she was always gorgeous

Mochi has shimmering light grey fur that her admirers say is the same magical colour as the moon. She possesses a celestial aura that makes her destined to be a star. Mochi was fortunate to be offered a summer internship with Chanel this year and Mochi is loving her work. Each morning she arrives around 9.30am and spends the first 30 minutes chatting with the other interns and catching up on the latest gossip – who is wearing what and doing who – before stepping out for skinny lattes. She then spends the next hour helping iron and fold clothes before taking a break for lunch.

mochi kitten
Mochi was destined to walk the catwalk and work in fashion!

At one time Mochi tried to dabble in the more senior fashion responsibilities. She designed a range of high heels with mismatching left and right shoes in colours inspired by the rainbow. Unfortunately her colleagues at Chanel, as well as Misty, deemed her designs to be very unfashionable so Mochi resigned herself to staying behind the scenes doing more menial tasks in the future.

Outside of work, Mochi has a talent for singing. She is a soprano and can hit the same high notes as Mariah Carey. She recently joined a choir in Singapore and they rehearse once a week in the hopes of performing centre stage to represent Singapore on National Day.

mochi kitten
Mochi needs plenty of rest and relaxation in order to sing at her best

Mochi is the ultimate gossip girl. When she is not working or singing, she likes nothing better than to invite her girlfriends over for some quality gossip time. She always asks me to prepare a plate of hand-cut cucumber sandwiches (without crusts), chocolate eclairs and plenty of skinny lattes for her and her friends to enjoy whilst they talk about fashion, scandal and boy cats!

mochi kitten
Mochi kitten takes on an authoritative air whilst gossiping

Mochi is an expensive girl and she loves all the finer things in life. Her favourite accessories are pearls, her favourite fragrance is rose, and her favourite foods are tuna sashimi and Matsuzaka wagyu steak. By the same token, Mochi can also be humble and she is always up for screaming her lungs out to support Japan during the World Cup.

mochi kitten
Mochi is more sensitive than people give her credit for

To the outside world, my Mochi kitten has the perfect life. She is beautiful, she has a great career and she has lots of friends. However Mochi needs to deal with other peoples jealousies and sometimes that gets her down. Mochi needs to learn to develop a thicker skin otherwise she will struggle to achieve all her dreams.

4 replies on “My Mochi kitten is the ultimate gossip girl and fashionista!”

Cute kittens you’ve got there. I recently adopted a kitten and I named it Abel! I never thought I’d get a cat a couple of years ago but here I am. I like your cat names and they’re definitely cute munchkins.

I’m impressed Mochi managed to score an internship with Chanel.. that would be my dream job. She is clearly doing something right.

How do Mochi and Misty go along, they are polar opposites! Although their differences can bring each other together, one filling up for the other. Ha ha. Mochi would definitely be great working for big house names. She has the eye for design and that will bring her far. This just goes to show, we all have our strengths and we have to capitalize on them!

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