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Lakemba, a melting pot of cultures and exotic bites!

During the 70s when I was growing up in Sydney, the food landscape was fairly bleak. Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken were considered trendy and were also very popular. However, there were some pockets of ethnic communities who brought their food traditions with them…
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Easy Noodles Bar(一期一会)でコスパ最高のビーフ麺!

ジャランベサー通りにオープンしたEasy Noodles Bar(一期一会)って?? 近所のジャランベサー(Jalan Besar)通りに最近オープンした「 Easy Noodles Bar(一期一会)」に行ってきました。 英語のレビューを読みたい方は Bossyflossieのブログ記事を呼んであげてください。 一期一 会と言うと私の前に住んでいたリババリ (River Valley) 通りの居酒屋