My clever kitten Misty who loves reading and drinking wine

Misty and Mochi are my two clever kittens that live with me in Singapore. They hold many hopes and dreams for the future but they also experience trials and tribulations that are easy to relate to. Misty is the elder and more mature sister. Some people describe her as the most cerebral member of the household. Her MBTI profile is ENTP and although she comes across as shy initially, she is actually very bossy.

clever kitten
From an early age, Misty showed determination

Shortly after the kittens moved in with me, Misty and I had a serious argument about who was going to be the boss of the house. Misty explained that she should be the boss because she is the smartest one and she cares the most about cleanliness. Many times Misty has had to pull me up for not washing the dishes or making the bed. In my defence I argued that I should be the boss because I earn the most money. However Misty rightly pointed out it was not fair to pull the money card, as animals still are fighting for equal pay in the workplace.

clever kitten
When Misty and I argue, she usually wins with her infallible logic

Misty is a champion of animal rights and very early on in life she experienced injustice. This summer, she was offered the prestigious position of summer intern at Chanel fashion house. However within the first two weeks she realised she was not getting paid the same as the other interns. She was also being delegated the crappy jobs like folding clothes and ironing, instead of fun tasks like designing dresses and posing for fashion shoots. Misty retaliated by holding a demonstration outside the Chanel store in Marina Bay Sands before hitting the nightclub to drink whisky and dance on the bar all night. The next day, after recovering from her hangover, she promptly quit her internship on moral grounds.

clever kitten
Misty is a clever kitten who will not let people walk all over her

Misty would like to pursue the life of a scholar. She has been influenced by the stories of ancient Chinese scholars who would wander the countryside writing poetry, reading books, drinking wine and observing rural life. However in order to be a scholar she must pick a subject to study. Misty still needs to discover herself in order to decide which subject to master in.

clever kitten
Misty has intelligent eyes and wants to be a scholar

At the moment, Misty is living a philosophical existence. She spends her days reading books, drinking wine and tackling the big questions like whether free will is real or just an illusion and what is the meaning of life. Misty also spends a fair amount of time cleaning up after me and Mochi!

clever kitten
Misty often mediates as she ponders life

Misty is a clever kitten. She is intelligent and determined. But can she discover her real self?

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Misty sounds like quite the scholar who could hold out an argument with you and refuse to lose! Ha ha, don’t pull out the money card part made me laugh. I’m sure Misty is trying her best from her end as well. I would definitely want to know more about Misty, she seems to be the one I can learn a lot from.

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