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Let me start by saying who Bossy Flossie isn’t. Do you know those apparently brave and annoying travel bloggers, who quit their jobs to travel the world? Well, I am not one of them. They irritate me. Why is quitting your office job to go travelling brave? The majority of the world’s population do not even hold office jobs #firstworldproblems. And with a little resourcefulness and good time management, it is possible to explore the world without shirking your responsibilities. Read More about “About Bossy Flossie”

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Wine tasting and neighbourly chatter at Druggists bar

One dusky Sunday in late October, I found myself sampling wine and having a good ol’ natter with Corrine, the idyllic brains behind Druggists. Now, most craft beer lovers in Singapore will be familiar with Druggists. They will also be scratching their heads… wine tasting?…
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Welcome to Belitung, humdrum sunset over the blue sky mines

This September, I embarked on a mini three-day adventure with a great group of women to Belitung Island in Indonesia. Belitung is not a popular tourist destination and I was curious to discover an island not yet spoilt by the hoards of water bottle people. Whilst I…
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What’s the difference between Japanese and Korean BBQ?

Why is rivalry an indisputable element of human nature? To be human is to want to compete against others. There are all sorts of rivalries but none are so exciting – yet conflicting – as national rivalries! Australia vs New Zealand, England vs Scotland, Singapore…
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How to appreciate life through the lens of poetry

Although I am an avid reader, I have never been a fan of poetry. Whilst I will happily obliterate a weekend devouring volumes of Tolstoy, Dickens, Greene and other classic writers, the thought of reading a Shakespearean sonnet sends me to sleep! Well.. at least…
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What is a little money between friends?

What is a little money between friends? It’s funny how the relationship between money and friends has so many cultural overlays. In Europe, for instance, people openly share their salary details with one another. Not so much as to compare their situation or show off,…
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Are you an interesting person?

Are you an interesting person? It is a question we secretly ask ourselves each morning as we look at our tired, crumpled faces in the mirror. We want to know whether people really find us interesting or they are feigning to laugh at our pathetic…
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