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Hunky Chunky Bagels from Two Men Bagel House

Gosh how I miss lunches at Two Men Bagel House in Tanjong Pagar. The joint is just around the corner from my office. In the pre-COVID19 era, I indulged in one of their hunky chunky bagels every Friday. Then, working from home happened. Then, I had the harebrained idea to just order myself a takeaway instead. I discovered the bagels at Two Men Bagel House taste just as good when home-delivered as they do in-restaurant. Choice!

Flossie’s rating: ★★★

I’m not kidding when I say the bagels at Two Men are chunky. They are so fat and sexy and packed tight with lots of fresh toppings. I have no reservations about the quality of ingredients here. Plus, if you are a bread lover like myself, eating a bagel is a real treat! The bagels have a wonderful doughy and springy consistency. Now, I know some people may take umbrage with the fact that the bagels are not served toasted. But, trust me, it’s better not toasted. Otherwise, these sandwiches would be incredibly messy to eat and would not taste as good cold. As it is, having the bagel non-toasted gives this sandwich a longer shelf life. It stands up well to the home-delivery test. I ordered three bagels for lunch this week (which I shared with my husband): Mrs Reuben, Fat Back, and the B.E.C. Watch the video below to see just how good they taste!

Mrs Reuben

The Mrs Reuben is a beef bagel. My husband chose this one, not me. Because I’m not really a fan of beef sandwiches. In fact, I’m not a fan of cold beef or beef cuts in general. If it’s not a nice and bloody sirloin, I say “no” to cow. So the Mrs Reuben was not a winner for me. But, if I put my own prejudice aside, I would still recommend this bagel for those of you who like that sort of thing.

Two Men Bagel House

Mrs Reuben reminds me of my days living in East London. On Bricklane there is the famous Beigel Bake shop selling salted beef bagels until the wee hours of the morning. The Mrs Reuben contains plenty of beef rump slices served with dill pickle, cucumbers, and Emmental cheese. The whole lot is then slathered in Russian dressing and tightly wedged inside a chewy white bagel. You will experience a lot of tart and sour flavours happening in every bite with this one. The touch of creaminess in the Russian dressing gives good contrast.

Fat Back

The Fat Back bagel is for all your pork lovers out there who like a bit of hot-stuff with their meat!

Two Men Bagel House

This bagel is generously stuffed with thick slices of pork loin that are really, really succulent. The juicy meat is nicely offset by a dollop of habanero jam – that’s the purple coloured stuff in the picture. That sauce is hot, hot, hot! So hot, you’ll need a sip of water (or coffee) afterwards. However, the real kicker with this bagel is the Brussels sprouts. It’s a bold move and it works well. They give the overall sandwich a really unusual flavour and add some necessary crunch. There is also a slice of cheddar cheese at the bottom of the bagel. The cheddar is very mild, however, so barely perceptible. A thicker slice of melty mature cheddar would have made this bagel perfecto.


The B.E.C bagel was my favourite, even though I am not much of an egg-lover. B.E.C stands for bacon, egg, and cheddar. It really is the perfect brekkie burger.

Two Men Bagel House

I’ve already told you about the amazing bagel bread. What really makes this bagel super delicious are the additional thick-cut tomatoes, lettuce leaves, and kewpie mayonnaise. The combination of simple yet fresh ingredients reminds me of the sort of sandwiches I used to make at home when I lived in Australia. This is the stuff of Aussie barbecue dreams! We call it B.L.T. However, I must warn you, this particular bagel is a messy one to eat. Although Two Men have done their best to roll it all up nice and tight, the bagel does start to fall apart once you bite into the tomatoes. You’ll also end up with melty mayo all over your face for sure. This beautiful bagel is also Instagram-worthy. Let’s get another shot of that baby below!

Two Men Bagel House

In short, yes. Two Men Bagel House at Tanjong Pagar is another awesome option for take-away lunch in addition to Korio. I really enjoyed the doughiness of the bagel bread for a change, although a bagel will never beat a traditional French baguette or Italian panini for taste. The B.E.C bagel, which was stuffed full of yummy ingredients like bacon and kewpie, especially hit the spot. I only wish Two Men Bagel House had more cheesy bagel options. In short, I can confirm that I would order home delivery from here again. Next time I plan to try some different fillings.

Two Men Bagel House Tanjong Pagar
16 Enggor St, Icon Village Altez, #01-12
Singapore, 079717

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