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An Order of Korio Cheesy Sandwiches and Artisanal Donuts To Boot

So we are back in semi-lockdown in Singapore. What better excuse is there to splurge on some takeaway? I’ve been dying to try Korio cheesy sandwiches since FOREVER. Korio is located far away from my neighborhood. So you can bet your bottom dollar that I have jumped on the chance to order me some of these New York-style cheesy sammies from this week. And, with a box of yummy donuts to boot!

Flossie’s rating: ★★★★★

If you don’t feel like reading, just watch me gorging my face on Korio cheesy sandwiches and yummy donuts in the video below!

It’s all about the cheese baby

Korio makes the ultimate cheese sandwich. Picture this: two chunks of fried, whole-wheat sourdough stuffed with wonderfully oozy goozy cheddar and gobs of hot American cheese. We’re talking about a melty yellow cheese mix fondu-style. Yeah, baby, yeah! Top it off with a sprinkling of caramelised onion, just like the kind you find at an Aussie barbecue – translucent, brown, and flavoursome.

Korio cheesy sandwiches
Korio cheesy sandwiches

This beautiful beast of a sammy is reserved for die-hard cheese meisters only!!!! When you eat it, it’s just like in the movies. The cheese stretches from the sandwich to your mouth. Oooh la la!

Korio cheesy sandwiches

This baby is overflowing with melted goodness. Yet, it is entirely possible to eat the whole sandwich and still have room for dessert. Just as well because the donuts are equally amazing.

One Korio cheesy sandwich is $13 or you can get two sammies for $24. Click here for the full sandwich menu.

A box of artisanal donuts, pretty please

Alrighty, now on to my favourite part… dessert! The Korio cheesy sandwiches are pretty darn good. But, it’s the donuts that have me hooked.

Korio cheesy sandwiches

There are about eight different donuts on the menu at Korio. I ordered four of them for home delivery: original glazed, 70% dark chocolate with pearls, white chocolate coconut with hazelnuts, and caramelised biscuit. They were all absolutely delicious although they tasted nothing like their description.

The glazed donut had a strong cinnamon flavour and I detected a hint of lemon zest. The white chocolate donut tasted more like a traditional glazed version but with a sprinkling of nuts. The texture was beautifully crunchy and nutty.

Korio cheesy sandwiches

The caramelised biscuit donut, well that was my favourite, although there was not a trace of biscuit to be found. The donut was drenched in boorishly gooey caramel and a few of the same chocolate pearls as the chocolate donut. Speaking of which, I saved the chocolate donut for last because I am a chocaholic. Surprisingly, the choccie donut didn’t turn out to be my favourite. The chocolate donut was smeared with a thick, gluttonous layer of dark chocolate. I cannot enthuse enough how delicious it was.

Korio may need to work a little harder on their donut descriptions. But, I’ll forgive ’em, just because the donuts were so friggin’ tasty. They were not sickly sweet like Krispy Kremes. They tasted like proper artisanal donuts.

A box of four donuts is only $20 or you can get a box of six for $30.

Please note, there are two perfectly acceptable ways to spell donut. The original spelling is doughnut. But, the simplified version, donut, has been in existence since the 19th century. Since I grew up on “Dunkin’ Donuts” I am accustomed to the Americanised spelling. Don’t blame me, blame my upbringing.

Korio is takeaway worthy tucker

Korio was my first takeaway meal this month. I can confidently recommend them. My lunch was very satisfying and worth every penny.

Place your home-delivery order with Korio one day in advance. Hubby and I ordered two Korio cheesy sandwiches plus a box of four donuts. The final bill was $53.50 which included a $10 delivery fee. We devoured the lot (although not at once… over several hours). Surprisingly, I didn’t feel much carb guilt afterward. Sometimes, you can binge on unhealthy take-out like McDonald’s and then feel like a miserable fat pig. But, when the food is delicious and prepared with care, you feel content because you know it was worth all the calories. That’s Korio.

I will definitely be ordering from Korio again. Next time, I want to try their mushroom sandwich and the pandan glazed donut.

135 Amoy Street #01-03
Singapore 049964

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