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Comfort Sandwiches and Boba Tea from The World is Flat

I was reluctant to try the gorgeous food and drinks from The World is Flat on account of the name. Why do they call themselves, The World is Flat? Because the sandwiches look like round and flat flying saucers! This place prides itself on “mammoth comfort sandwiches”. The specialty boba teas are also out of this world. Altogether, a very irresistible proposition.

Flossie’s rating: ★★★★★

I ordered two sandwiches and three boba tea, takeaway, from The World is Flat. The cost was $60 which qualified me for free delivery. Check-out the blow-by-blow taste test below!

Comfort sandwiches

When The World is Flat says their sandwiches are “comfort” food, they are not kidding. Every sandwich is made with thick-cut fresh-baked brioche bread. It is the best, damn sandwich bread I’ve ever had the pleasure to devour in Singapore. I don’t even like brioche! But, the bread here is nothing short of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It is toasted yet soft. It is sweet yet savory. And it tastes like butter, mmmmmm. Definitely worth the calories.

The World is Flat

Pork lovers will be drawn to the BBQ Pulled Pork and Bacon sandwich. So will you stingy peeps. It is the cheapest sandwich on the menu at $18 and is nothing short of inspirational. Trust me – you will feel motivated to move your arse after consuming this colossal meat-fest wrapped in bread. The pulled pork is slow-cooked for 48 hours and literally melts in your mouth. The bacon is the good quality stuff and fried European style, i.e. soft and chewy, not burnt to a crisp.

The World is Flat

Their signature sandwich is the Pastrami Melt. Pastrami is not very popular in Singapore – it’s more of a New York thing. If you don’t know, pastrami is a cured meat cut in thick ribbons with a salty taste. Basically, it’s the beef version of bacon.

I surprised myself by absolutely loving this sandwich. The saltiness of the meat was a match made in heaven with the sweet brioche. The sandwich had some real zing to it as well thanks to the secret special sauce. It’s hard to pinpoint just what is in that sauce but it reminds me of Russian dressing.

The Pastrami melt also contains cheese, tomato and lettuce. Altogether it is a little sloppy to eat. My advice is to just let yourself go, get messy cramming it into your mouth, and then take a hot shower afterwards.

Specialty boba tea

The World is Flat serves specialty boba tea by Black Dot. The secret is in the pearls – these are balls of glutinous delight that sit at the bottom of the tea. They are made from a luxurious black syrup comprised of molasses, gula melaka, brown sugar, light sugar, and vanilla. If sugar is the source of all evil then these sweet drinks are the devil incarnate!

I ordered three bottles of boba tea for takeaway: match, chocolate, and coffee. My favourite was the matcha tea which was made with extra cream for a thicker consistency. It tasted like a super milky, cold matcha latte with chewy sugar balls.

I also ordered the chocolate boba tea with extra cream. It tasted exactly like Nesquick, which is a children’s chocolate milk drink, only with bubbles. To be honest, I think I would have been just as happy drinking a Milo Dinosaur at a fraction of the price. Finally, the coffee boba tasted the most like tea, rather than just a sugary concoction.

The World is Flat

I won’t lie, all three boba teas I sampled tasted absolutely delicious. It took the greatest effort not to drink them all at once. I probably drank about a bottle and a half in total. Then, a few hours later, I experienced a major sugar crash as well as an upset tummy. I’m too old to be drinking these kind of sugar bombs. This is a once-a-year kind of treat. Black Dot boba tea can also be ordered directly from the Black Dot website.

The World is Flat

My takeaway from The World is Flat was an indulgent treat. Everything tasted marvellous. The food and drink quality was not noticeably impacted by being home-delivered. However, I felt awfully guilty afterwards. I probably exceeded my normal weekly intake of calories in this single meal! Even so, I will definitely want to try and visit this place for an in-dining experience one day.

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The World is Flat
Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard #05-202 Jewel
Singapore Changi Airport, 819666
Phone: 8590 4900

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