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Sando Japanese Inspired Sandwiches Take-Away Edition

The only thing better than a good ol’ sammie is Japanese inspired sandwiches. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Sando. This place is amazing! Sando specialises in fuss-free Japanese lunches that don’t hurt your back pocket (too much). I was particularly curious about their sandwich selection. The minimum order for home delivery from Sando is $66 so I thought, why not? Let’s splurge! I ordered five different lunch sandwiches to sample and I was mightly glad that I did.

Flossie’s rating: ★★★★

Japanese inspired sandwiches

All the Japanese inspired sandwiches from Sando are made with brioche bread. The sandwiches are not too big, roughly the size of an adult hand, but the fillings are generous. My favourite was the karaage fried chicken sandwich. However, the vegetarian sandwich with mushrooms was also darn good. Watch the video below for my Sando taste test. Keep scrolling for the individual sandwich reviews!

Tori Karaage Sando

Japanese inspired sandwiches

Karaage means fried chicken in Japanese. This Japanese inspired sandwich was my absolute favourite. The chicken was soooo moist and tender!! It came packed with a red cabbage coleslaw, which gave the sandwich some awesome crunch factor. The chilli infused honey gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Mushroom Trio

Japanese inspired sandwiches

If lunch was a lady she’d be chock full of chunky-cut mushrooms. Just like this sandwich. We have shiitake, oyster, and button shrooms in this scrumptious lady killer, all on a bed of avocado and lettuce. But the real kicker is the thick slice of Camembert and the fried egg. There are no words to describe how good this tastes except, OMG!

Chashu Sando

Japanese inspired sandwiches

This is the most Asian-tasting of all the sammies. The fat hunk of pork belly in the middle has a pulled, melt-in-your-mouth quality that makes each bite irresistible. The kimchi and scallion emulsion dance hot and sweet tunes on your tastebuds. A little rocket and a dash of crushed nuts bring it all together in one super tasty mouth party.

Tonkatsu Sando

During my foodie tour of Japan a few years ago, I fell in love with Katsu sandwiches. I love Tonkatsu, which is deep-fried and breaded pork lion. I also love sammies. So what is there not to love about this Japanese inspired sandwich? The Tonkatsu sandwich at Sando is a tidy lunch offering. While the pork is a little dry and the lettuce a little soggy that could be down to the take-away conditions. More importantly, the addition of caramelised onions – cooked in duck fat, was a magnificent surprise! Each bite was a nostalgic reminder of previous fun times I had in Tokyo.

Menchi Katsu Sando

Japanese inspired sandwiches

I am not really a fan of minced meat. So, no surprise that this particular sandwich was not my favourite. The Menchi Katsu Sando consists of a minced pork patty, deep-fried and wedged between some brioche, with a dollop of Japanese tartare. I suppose you could call this a Japanese-style burger!

I will be back to Sando for more Japanese inspired sandwiches. It’s a really unique concept that you cannot get anywhere else in Singapore. But next time I would prefer to dine in rather than get a takeaway. The minimum order for takeaway is too high for a single individual or small family. Most of the sandwiches still tasted amazing when home delivered. But I think the star of the show – the Tonkatsu Sando – would taste a lot better (i.e. less soggy) if it was eaten fresh.

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