A Belitung Lesson in Fishing, Farming and Cooking Eggplant!

There is an old biblical saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life,” which is a wise and heartfelt philosophy. That is, until you become the subject of such efforts! On my recent holiday to Belitung, our tour guide made us learn how to fish and farm for our supper with disastrous results.

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I can’t get enough of authentic Japanese food at Robertson Quay Izakaya

I love Japanese food and there is no shortage of supply in Singapore. From food courts and hawker centres to high end restaurants, you are spoilt for choice in terms of Japanese food options. However there are very few authentic Japanese Izakayas in Singapore. An Izakaya is a Japanese tapas and sake bar, where you go to enjoy snacks and drink alcohol. So of course I had to ask my Japanese friends for their recommendation and they all insisted I check out Himonoya at Robertson Quay.

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Bali Cooking Class, a Spicy lesson between Vodka shots and Beer

Bali is not my favourite place to go for a holiday. Too many tourists. Too many Australians. But I am grateful to my last trip there when, on a whim I decided to skip drinking cocktails by the pool and go for a half day Bali cooking class. My previous understanding of Indonesian cooking was limited to peanut satay and fried rice. However, attending the Anika Bali cooking class gave me a true appreciation for the complexity and richness of this cuisine as well as the variety of ingredients used. We prepared a several dishes during the class which all tasted delicious, from creamy beef curry and nasi goreng, to bean salad and boiled bananas with palm syrup.