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The Best of the Best Takeaway Sandwich Shops in Singapore

I love a good sandwich which is kind of strange given my history. When I was a kid, I refused to eat the sandwiches packed in my school lunch box. I suppose they were kinda soggy. Lately, I have been craving chunky bread stuffed with fresh (and sometimes fried) ingredients. So, because I mostly work from home, I treat myself to a takeaway sandwich order from time-to-time. The below videos are my tried-and-tested recommendations. They are the best of the best takeaway sandwiches in Singapore!

Best Cheesy Sandwich

What is the best cheesy takeaway sandwich? Uh, hello. Is that a legit question? The best cheesy sandwiches are from Korio of course. Total no-brainer! You only have to watch the footage to see how gorgeously cheesy these sammies are. The cheddar stretches nearly half a metre with each bite. Plus, these cheese bombs are stuffed with caramelised onion and served on beautiful wholewheat sourdough. If you really want to splurge then add a box of Korio’s delightful iced donuts to your takeaway order. Heaven really can be found in a takeaway bag.

135 Amoy Street #01-03
Singapore 049964

Best Asian Sandwich

What do you do if you like Asian food and you like sandwiches? Well, you better order a takeaway sandwich from Sando! These Japanese-inspired sandwiches are truly special. The Tonkatsu sandwich is just like the Katsu you get at Tokyo station. Picture it – a thick slab of pork, breaded and deep-fried, then plonked between two pieces of brioche with a squirt of mayo. Delicious. For all you veggos, the mushroom trio is equally scrumptious. Shitake mushrooms? Tick. Oyster mushrooms? Tick. Button mushrooms? Tick. Melted cheese? Tick, tick, tick, tick!!!!

takeaway sandwich

438C Alexandra Road, #01-04/04A, Singapore, 119976
Online Delivery
Phone: +65 9771 0388

Most Decadent Sandwich

Brace yourself for the most amazing bread ever when you order a sandwich from The World is Flat. Their specialty is pastrami, which is basically the beef version of pork. The most popular sandwich, the pastrami melt, definitely has some zing to it. But my fave is the BBQ pulled pork and bacon sammy. This takeaway sandwich is so decadent that meat lovers will be bought to their knees! The pork is cooked European style so it’s thick and chewy. And the brioche. THE BRIOCHE… It tastes like a mouthful of expensive butter. Totally worth the calories. Don’t forget to add a few bottles of Black Dot gourmet bubble tea when you order from here.

takeaway sandwich

The World is Flat
Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard #05-202 Jewel 
Singapore Changi Airport, 819666
Phone: 8590 4900

Best Healthy Sandwich

If you want a takeaway sandwich that is healthy then put Sarnies on your speed dial. I won’t lie. The sammies here aren’t as decadent or tasty as elsewhere. But they are honest to goodness clean sandwich from this popular Australian food chain. The smoked salmon on rye is the definition of simple living. It contains a lot of salmon and even more lettuce, and not much else. I’m particularly fond of the chicken tandoori sandwich. The chicken is well-seasoned in Indian spices and comes with dollops of yogurt and cucumber. Sarnies also sell a delicious “rich and creamy” cold brew in a cool glass bottle.

takeaway sandwich

136 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068601

Most Unique Sandwich

I recommend Two Men Bagel House when ordering takeaway sandwiches for a crowd you need to impress. The Tanjong Pagar branch has something for everyone. I am a big fan of the Fat Back bagel, which is chock full of pork belly, Brussels sprouts, and purple jalapeño sauce. Spicy! Mrs Reuben is another trickster containing sliced beef and pickle. But it’s the brekkie bagel, the formidable B.E.C, that takes the cake. It is made with bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, and mayo. Trust me – this is a creative combo for Singapore! Okay, it’s true that bagels are not technically sandwiches. But, come on, that’s what makes these creations so unique.

takeaway sandwich

Two Men Bagel House Tanjong Pagar
16 Enggor St, Icon Village Altez, #01-12
Singapore, 079717

When you order takeaway sandwiches in Singapore you must place your order a few days in advance. All these sandwich shops are popular and the takeaway slots get booked out fast! In the new era of COVID19 when we must stay at home, it is good to indulge in a takeaway sandwich. Stay tuned for more takeaway recommendations coming up.

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