Small Adam’s Peak and the Nine Arches Bridge in Sri Lanka

One of the most enjoyable experiences I had whilst travelling Sri Lanka was hiking Small Adam’s Peak and visiting the Nine Arches Bridge in Ella. What most tourists don’t tell you is that visiting Sri Lanka can be a disappointing experience. Hiring a driver is the most practical way to get around but the more adventurous traveller will find this arrangement disempowering and might even feel a little ripped off by it. Your driver will want you to follow the itinerary they have set, which will involve a fair share of tourist buffets and dodgy jewellery stores. You may make suggestions about where to go to your driver but trust me, Sri Lankans are very convincing and you will end up doing what your driver says. However during our stopover in Ella we had a chance to get out of the car and exercise our legs against a magnificent backdrop. Make sure you finish your trip here with a cheap massage!