Lonely Little India during Circuit Breaker

For about a month now, since April 7, we have been living under circuit breaker measures in Singapore. We call it ‘CB’ for short, and it is basically our version of lockdown during the COVID19 epidemic. Singapore CB is more relaxed (in some ways) than rules adopted by our European brethren. There is no limit on outdoor exercise or trips to the supermarket, and we don’t require a written permit to leave the house. But, many businesses have suspended operations as a result of CB. Personal movements are also increasingly being tracked. This is for everyone’s safety.


Finding a Condo to Rent in Singapore and the Unscrupulous Agents

One of the first challenges I faced moving to Singapore was finding a place to rent. I learned quickly that the system, which is designed to protect renters, is full of unscrupulous real estate agents. Nonetheless, luck was on my side as at the time rents were low and there were plenty of vacant modern condominiums. I found a convenient two bedroom apartment close to the city centre… and I lived to tell the tale.

Let's Eat

Old Hen Kitchen for Coffee, Avocado on Toast and Chilli Crab Fries

Old Hen Kitchen has the best breakfast and brunch menu in Farrer Park. Their avocado on toast is award winning and the coffee is made with care and precision. You also gotta try the Singapore Chilli Crab Fries for the novelty factor.