Let's Eat

My favourite spots for lunch at Raffles Place during the week

Like most city workers, the toughest part about my job is deciding where to go for lunch. After two years of working in Raffles Place, I have developed a love-hate relationship with the area. There is a lot of crappy and overpriced food here but if you are willing to walk the extra mile and sample a few burnt toads, then it is possible to find edible food for lunch.

Lunch is the highlight of my day and I always try and spend under $10 unless it is a special occasion, in which case I might splash out on a $15 lunch. If my meal does not taste delicious, it can throw me into a terrible temper. For that reason, I have created the following guide to grabbing lunch in Raffles Place,  which includes everything from Malay and Chinese food options, to Japanese and Western cuisines. Makan!