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Finally! Some Good Thai at SUK’s Thai Kitchen

Finally, a decent Thai restaurant in Singapore that doesn’t charge the earth! I’ve always been astonished at how Singapore, a country totally obsessed with food, has so many mediocre Thai restaurants. Krapow is very good, but it cheats with its heavily Chinese-influenced menu. That’s why SUK’s Thai Kitchen is a welcome addition to the Farrer Park neighborhood. Admittedly, the menu is a little hit-and-miss. But there are many superb dishes and the prices are reasonable. Read on for my recommendations on what you MUST order at SUK’s.

Finally I found some good Thai food at SUK's Thai Kitchen

Yummiest of SUK’s Thai

My absolute favourite thing to eat at SUK’s is the curried squid. I know, I know. It sounds far out. In fact, I first ordered this dish by mistake. SUK’s rely on a phone app for all order taking and my fat fingers pressed the wrong button. But, what a delightful mistake it was! The squid is sliced in thin rings and tenderised – so no chewy bits get stuck in your teeth. It comes served in the creamiest of coconutty yellow curries. If you’re like me, and you like your Thai curry rich with a pearly consistency, then you’re gonna LOVE this. The spiciness level for this dish is medium. Scoop it up with plenty of rice.


If you are a chronic prawn-head, then you are in luck. Not only are there many prawn dishes on the menu at SUK’s, but the prawns are jumbo-sized and juicy! I haven’t been served prawns as good this almost EVER in Singapore (except at Scaled). These prawns are Australian-level good. I’m not exaggerating. I adore the glass noodles with prawns. Served in a mini wok, the best description is “tasty”. I know that is boring but this dish is seriously zinging with flavour. The glass noodles are cooked with loads of yummy pepper and salt, and the prawn to noodle ratio is generous.


My third favourite dish here is another carb-loaded one. Now, I’m not usually a rice fan, but the tom yum fried rice is something special. It’s got prawns, it’s got squid, it’s got cherry tomatoes, it’s got parsley. And boy, is it spicy?! I’m talking tonnes of chilli and plenty of sour lime to boot. A heaped spoonful of this will wake you up like a whack in the face.


Give this a Thai Too

While the above-mentioned dishes are spectacular, there are plenty of other fab foods at SUK’s also worth ordering. The grilled chicken thigh is moreish and oh-so-tender. This dish pairs well with beer and is a great starter for those wanting to avoid excessive carbs. The chicken is coated in a sticky and semi-sweet paste. It’s cooked with the skin on but without any bones or fatty bits.


The tom yum soup is also a goer. As a general rule, I detest tom yum that contains too much “driftwood”. By that, I mean too many bits of inedible ginger, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves floating around. While I appreciate these are the ingredients responsible for creating the delicious broth, I prefer them strained out before serving.

At SUK’s the Tom Yum does contain the odd piece of “driftwood” but there ain’t too much. You don’t spend the entire time spitting stuff out. The tom yum is highly fragrant with plenty of chilli and lemongrass flavours. But, the best thing about it, is the prawn! The clear tom yum with prawn comes with two giant critters for only $12 a bowl. You can also upsize this meal to large for $24. That’s excellent value for money. Just beware, this dish is spicy-hot!


Didn’t Quite Hit the Spot

There is no such thing as perfect, and I would be lying if I said I loved everything on SUK’s menu. The Thai cashew chicken, for instance, is underwhelming. The chicken is very mildly flavoured. This might be suitable for patrons who prefer less spice. For me, however, the experience was boring. I also expected this dish to contain more nuts. The very few cashew nuts there were, were also soft rather than crunchy.


The Panang curry with pork is a big no-no. The pork is cut in strips and has a soggy texture. I couldn’t tell if it was due to the particular cut of pork, or if it had been over-tenderised (is that even a thing?!?). The curry sauce is just not creamy or spicy enough either. You are better off sticking with the yellow or green curry options instead.


Visit SUK’s Thai Kitchen

I love dining at SUK’s Thai Kitchen. I highly recommend you visit too! The food is scrummy, the staff are delightful, and the menu is varied. Sure, not everything they serve is great, but there are more than a few standout dishes. Try them all and discover your own favourites. Even better is the fact that the prices are very reasonable. Main dishes average $10-12 and you can upsize some meals, which is economical for a larger group.

The venue has a funky yet comfortable design. There is enough room to squeeze a pram. SUK’s can get a little rowdy when the place is full. There are many colourful lights inside which add to the young atmosphere, although it is a bit too bright for my baby who becomes hyperactive every time we dine here. This is an ideal place for a date night or for unattached people to grab a quick and tasty meal after work. Families are better off dining here during the lunch hour, which is less busy.

SUK’s Thai Kitchen
136 Tessensohn Road
Singapore 217699
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