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Lechon Republic the Best Pork Porn in Singapore

Be prepared for some of the best pork porn in Singapore, because you’re gonna see shot after shot after juicy, succulent shot of mouthwatering pork! I used to think the Chinese were King when it came to cooking pork. That was until I went to Lechon Republic. Now I know, the Philippino’s are the ones who know how to handle a pig. Plus, they do Deliveroo.

Flossie’s rating★★★★★

best pork porn in Singapore

Check out that pork! Special soft, white flesh – how can you taste so pure yet be so sinful? Why do you melt in my mouth like the heavenly flesh of the body of Christ?

And take a look at the crackling. They call it love at first crunch. Crispy-thin wafers of perfection that maketh my lips and teeth cry out, hallelujah almighty Lord!

Lechon Republic pork crackling

Lechon Republic is located opposite The Church of Saint Alphonsus in Novena. They are the finest Philippine restaurant in Singapore, specialising in Philippino-style roasted pork, also known as lechon. The pork is slow-cooked over hot coals and flame on a rotating spit on-premise and marinated in a special seasoning to ensure optimum tenderness.

Lechon Republic

Half a kilo of lechon costs $22, which is more than enough pork for 2-3 people to share in addition to rice and side dishes.

Okay, you asked for it, the best pork porn in Singapore! If you haven’t listened to a word I’ve said so far, let the following pictures tell a love story with pork!

best pork porn in Singapore
best pork porn in Singapore
Lechon Republic
best pork porn in Singapore

Lechon Republic also serve other dishes. In the past, I have tried their steamed rice as well as stewed vegetables. However, the main event really is the pork. So, my advice? Skip the carbs and healthy greens, and save your appetite for the good stuff!

Lechon Republic vegetables

While we are all obeying social distancing during the coronavirus, you can also order this amazing pork to your doorstep as Lechon Republic are on Deliveroo! I ordered half a kilo of pork just the other night and it tasted as good as it does in the restaurant. Now I can eat delicious food and be responsible.

Lechon Republic takeaway

Lechon Republic
275 Thomson Road, #01-09
Singapore 307645
+65 8526 0821

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