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Donut lovers rejoice at low calorie Haritts Japanese donuts from Tokyo

Do you know the hardest thing about being a food blogger? It is keeping the calories at bay! However now that Haritts donuts and coffee from Tokyo has come to Singapore they have made my sugar addiction just a little bit easier to handle. Haritts Japanese donuts taste lighter than traditional donuts and are lower in calories.

Haritts originally started out as a mobile cafe in Tokyo back in September 2004. However within two years their signature doughy treats had become so popular they decided to setup a permanent shop at Yoyogi Uehara in Japan. And now in 2018 they have finally come to Singapore! Their quaint little setup is located along Havelock Road near Clarke Quay. A hand-painted wooden signboard invites passersby to gaze at the mesmerising rows of sugary donuts on display inside the glass counter. Equally delightful are the precious pots of lavender and white lily that adorn the cafe tables.

Haritts japanese donuts
Beautiful wooden signboards outside Haritts Donuts

Haritts donuts are baked and not fried, which is why they contain less than half the calories of a regular donut. They also have a unique chewy and doughy taste, which is achieved by a loving yet time intensive baking process. The dough is prepared onsite using quality ingredients imported from Japan. The donuts are then kneaded and carefully shaped by hand prior to baking. Because such care is taken to make the donuts, the Singapore outlet prepares only 300 donuts a day.

But what is most unique about Haritts Japanese donuts are the flavours. The most popular flavours are cream cheese, chocolate, hojicha, kaya, raspberry white chocolate and coffee custard. However there are a few unusual once such as matcha and earl grey for more adventurous donut-lovers. The flavourings are piped inside the ring or dolloped in the centre of the oval-shaped donuts. Plain sugared donuts as well as cinammon raisin donuts are also available.

My favourite Haritts Japanese donut is their signature cream cheese special. The thick, Hokkaido-style cream cheese has a crumbly texture and slightly acrid flavour that complements the chewy dough. The white chocolate and raspberry flavour donut also deserves a mention. It is Haritt’s answer to the classic American jelly donut. The raspberry is thick and tangy with just a dash of white chocolate to provide some ¬†creaminess.

Haritts Japanese donuts
Harrits Japanese donuts are carefully packaged
Haritts Japanese Donuts
Donuts are ring and oval-shaped, and all powdered with soft sugar

In true Japanese style, the donuts are beautifully packaged in hand-folded brown paper with the flavour of the donut stamped on the corner. It feels like a special occasion to order one of these beautiful creations and carefully unwrap the paper packaging.

Haritts also serve delicious, milky coffee as well as a range of teas and cold juices. Most days they offer special discounts for purchasing a drink and donut together. So now you can enjoy a less sinful afternoon treat without all the calories!

Haritts Donuts and Coffee
2 Havelock Rd, #01-08
Singapore 059763

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