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Find Time for Irish Roasted Duck at Duckland

I love roasted duck. The fatty flavours, the juicy meat, the crispy skin… mmmm. What’s not to love? The most delectable duck I’ve had the pleasure to savour in Singapore is Irish roast duck! Duckland restaurant is my new go-to place for all things related to duck in Singapore.

Flossie’s rating: ★★★★

First and foremost, I need to praise the exceptional service at Duckland. Let’s face it, most of the time the service-levels of restaurants in Singapore is shit. The waiters ignore you, hot plates get slammed on the table, and you ask for tap water but it never arrives. However at Duckland, all of the waiters are unbelievably friendly. Their upbeat attitudes mimic the chirpy Irish personalities that remind me of Ireland. Southern Ireland, that is.

Duckland is an Irish restaurant that specialises in duck. It sounds like an unusual combination but in actual fact, the Silver Hill ducks of Ireland are regarded as “the best duck in the world” by food connoisseurs. Silver Hill ducks are carefully hand-reared and fed a special diet of wheat, maize, soya and spring water. The meat tastes more tender and apparently is lower in saturated fat too!

Roasted Duck

The signature dish on the menu is the roasted Irish duck which is served with calamansi chilli, raspberry and yellow mustard dipping sauces. A whole roasted duck is $50 and a half roasted duck is $30, which is reasonable value for a restaurant located inside a shopping mall. But screw the price, this dish is a feast for the tastebuds! Any duck lover will take immense pleasure in gorging on the deliciously plump and fatty flesh.  They are not at all boney like those hawker-stall varieties of duck. For me, I enjoy eating the skin the most. The skin is orange-coloured because it has been rubbed and roasted with special herbs, spices and wine. and it tastes extra crispy.

Half a duck can be a bit too much food for one person. If you are dining alone or you simply do not like to share, then you can order a roast duck breast set for $13, which comes with a single portion of duck as well as a small soup and a portion of rice. For an extra $2 they will upgrade you to a duck leg.

A Glass of Wine

The good thing about Duckland is they serve alcohol. The drinks list boasts a range of Irish whiskies, local and imported beers and house wines. This place has really brought more meaning to my life by helping me to achieve the perfect night out – cheapish white wine together with tender, roasted duck.

Other Dishes

I visit Duckland just for the roasted duck and I suggest you do not waste your time trying the other dishes. They are not worth the calories! I mean yes, the long spicy spring rolls do taste nice (and with the pepper-infused dipping sauce they are super spicy). The duck-fat chips are also delicious. But the duck broth and the black pepper duck pie really miss the mark. And anyway, why would you want to load up on starchy, processed foods when you can just have pure duck?

Whilst you’re at it, skip the side of vegetables too. Since they are prepared in an Irish-inspired manner they don’t offer much nutritional value anyway. I once ordered the asparagus, which was over-cooked and drenched in thick gravy.


Duckland is located in the basement of the United Square Shopping Mall. It does get busy but you can still walk-in without a reservation most nights. Go on and treat yourself to a meal out at Duckland because as they say, “no matter how busy you are, you must find time for duck.”

101 Thomson Road, B1-09 & 64/65
United Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 307591

One reply on “Find Time for Irish Roasted Duck at Duckland”

Just came across your blog page when I was just looking for a decent dinner place for roast duck! I did pay a visit there with my wife last night and we left quite satisfied. We wouldn’t have found the place otherwise cuz it’s so hidden!

We had their signature half roast duck and few other sides. Duck was quite tender and succulent unlike some dry and bone ones that we’d tried at some hawker centers. We will go back again when our craving hits us.

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