Dreamy Mayfield Lavender Farm with no Fragrance

We drove from London to Surrey one weekend to see the stunning Mayfield Lavender Farm. Waves of vibrant purple lavender stretched out as far as the eye could see however we were disappointed the lavender had very little fragrance. We bought some beautiful lavender products and finished our day with a nature walk around Box Hill and the Happy Valley, enjoying countryside views and fresh British air.

The best way to get to Mayfield Lavender Farm from London is to drive. It takes just over an hour from central London to get there although traffic can be a bit painful on the weekend. However by car you have the luxury of being able to bring a picnic lunch with you to enjoy at the lavender fields. You can also get a train to West Croydon and take the 166 bus and alight at Oaks Parks.

Entry to Mayfield Lavender Farm is approximately £2 and when you enter you are immediately impressed by the shock of musky purple colour before you. The first instinct is to roll through the fields to your hearts content.Strategically placed within the fields is a red London phone box and a wooden canopy, creating the perfect kitschy photo opportunity. Remember to bring your selfie stick for this!

Mayfield Lavender Farm
I posted for a photo in the lavender fields with the farm’s iconic large tree behind me

Despite being surrounded by so much lavender we couldn’t smell a thing! The views were beautiful but we were missing that gorgeous, floral fragrance, which we had expected would be overwhelming. It was only when we put a piece of lavender very close to our nose we detected a slight odour.

The farm is the perfect idyllic spot to have a picnic and there are an abundance of romantic spots to choose from. The best place is underneath the very large, old tree that sits to the edge of the farm and provides some shade on a sunny day. Once you have taken your selfies and enjoyed the purple views, there is then a shop where you can buy locally made lavender products including essential oils, potpourri, soap, hand cream and even some delicious lavender infused ice cream. I purchased several sachets of lavender to hang in my wardrobe and drawers to make my clothes smell heavenly. There is also a nursery for people who want to buy lavender plants to grow at home as well as a small cafe serving awful coffee.

Mayfield Lavender Farm
The bees cannot get enough of the lavender!

Mayfield Lavender Farm sells three different varieties of lavender essential oil. In addition to smelling nice, the oil has unique healing properties and can be used as a sleep remedy and to relieve burns, headache and stress. It is also said to repel moths and insects!

Mayfield Lavender Farm
I purchased lavender sachets, lavender soap and essential oil

A 30 minute drive from the farm is Box Hill, where you can see gorgeous panoramic views of Weald and North Surrey as well as walk off your lunch. The area is part of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and we did the Box Hill Happy Valley circular walking map. The walk takes just a little over an hour through a leafy canopy of trees leading into the grassy valley. It is relatively flat so not too many steep slopes and therefore a perfect trail for a relaxed afternoon stroll.

Mayfield Lavender Farm
The view from Salomons Memorial viewpoint at Box Hill

Visiting the Mayfield Lavender Farm and Box Hill are a great day out of London and a good starting point for exploring the beauty of Surrey.

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