What to do and how to get to Coney Island

A day-trip to Coney Island is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and the great outdoors in Singapore. Coney Island is also known as Serangoon Island and is located in the Northeast. The island boasts pleasant beach views as well as lots of lush greenery for those in need of a dose of nature. Keep reading for my detailed itinerary of what to do and how to get to Coney Island! Click here for other walks around Singapore.

What to do at Coney Island

Coney Island is small and flat, measuring only 133 hectares, which makes it ideal for a quick and easy nature walk. There are no uphill paths and hiking boots are not required! Visit in the morning as by midday temperatures are scorching. At Coney Island you can:

  • Walk along the beach
  • Cycle around the island
  • Have a picnic
  • Visit a nearby cafe or restaurant

Remember to observe the rules while you are there. No kites or drones are allowed and the island closes at 7pm each day.

How to get to Coney Island

There two entry points to the island which are accessible by foot. You can enter via the west gate or the east gate. However, if you are following my suggested itinerary below, it is easier to start at the west. The following route is not suggested by Google Maps but it is the quickest way to get there using public transport. Plus, you can stop to buy soft drinks and snacks at Punggol mall en route!

  1. Take the MRT to Punggol (purple line)
  2. Go to the Punggol Interchange bus stop number 65009
  3. Catch Bus 84 to Punggol Road End
  4. Travel 8 stops and alight at the last stop called Punggol Road End
Coney Island bus

When you get off the bus you will be at Punggol Point Jetty. Take a moment to use the facilities (there are no toilets on the island) or purchase a drink from the vending machine.

get to Coney Island

Coney Island Walking Route

My favourite route for exploring Coney Island begins at the Punggol Point Jetty. You can then walk one lap of the island, exit via the east, pass the iconic Lor Halus red bridge, and grab a coffee at the Whisky & Paddle river café. This route will take you approximately 2.5 hours to walk.

Coney Island walking route

Starting at the Punggol Point Jetty

This jetty is immaculate! Besides the clean modern toilets and orderly wood panelling, you can enjoy some spectacular river views (and selfies) as well.

get to Coney Island

Once you get here, simply walk right along the wooden river path (or follow the crowd) for 7 minutes until you reach the west entrance.

Coney Island beach

Once you enter the island you can walk around the edge or head inland. I started my walk along the water’s edge which is a combination of pathed walkways and natural beach.

get to Coney Island

When the path crosses onto the beach, it is pleasant to walk barefoot along the sand and even dip your toes in the water! There are plenty of shady spots to setup a picnic as well.

get to Coney Island

The water, however, is not suitable for swimming. We spotted several large jellyfish as well as a dead fish.

get to Coney Island
get to Coney Island

Coney Island nature trail

The path inland cuts straight through the centre of Coney Island and is the route preferred by cyclists. With this path it takes only 30 minutes to walk from one end of the island to another.

get to Coney Island

As well as being more shady, walking inland is a great way to appreciate the abundant nature. There are no shops, electricity or other facilities on this island so nature can bloom and grow without human interference! We were enchanted by the many curious yellow and black caterpillars.

get to Coney Island

Because of the humid weather, the wildlife is lush, deep and green, and it grows to enormous proportions. However, if you look closely there are some dainty wildflowers to be found.

get to Coney Island
get to Coney Island

Exit east for the bridge and coffee stop

Besides the pleasant walk, there is nothing else to do on Coney Island. One hour strolling around is more than enough in the Singapore heat.

When you are ready to go you can leave the island by the east gate. Cross the footbridge to the Lorong Harus Jetty.

Then take the muddy trail to the right and walk straight. After ten or fifteen minutes you will pass a newish looking playground where there are toilets.

Shortly after this, there is the iconic Lor Halus bridge. Take a few photos of this geometric vision in red!

Cross the bridge and continue walking along the river in the same direction as before. There has been a lot of development in Punggol recently. You will notice the walkways appear freshly paved and there are many adverts for new condominiums.

Walking by the river is relaxing. If you are lucky enough you may even enjoy a cool breeze. Keep on walking until you reach the Whisky & Paddle river café.

This is the best place to finish a hot and steamy walk around Coney Island! Whisk & Paddle boast a Western-influenced menu with some super brunch options. The coffee is also good. If you are visiting on a weekend then make a reservation first since the place is very popular.

What a perfect day out! By the time I finish my coffee I am usually utterly exhausted and catch a taxi home. However, if you have energy left, it is only a 30-minute walk from here to Punggol MRT station. There is also a bus stop directly opposite the Whisk & Paddle called Riviera Stn Exit B. Bus numbers 3, 50, 83 and 85 will all take you to the station as well.

If you are looking for other ideas on things to do in Singapore, watch the video of my staycation at Oasia Hotel!

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