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Bruno’s Italian: Come for the Pizza!

My area wouldn’t be complete without a little Italian on Serangoon Road in the form of Bruno’s Pizzeria. Italian is my favourite cuisine. There aren’t too many Italian restaurants in Singapore that live up to my expectations. Fortunately, my local pizzeria happens to be a gem.

Italian on Serangoon

Bruno’s looks and feels exactly like a rustic trattoria. The tablecloths are plaid, the husband and wife duo who run the place are welcoming, and the handwritten special’s board never ceases to amaze.

Flossie’s rating: ★★★★

Come for the Pizza

Bruno’s Italian on Serangoon Road is my number one go-to place for pizza. During the Singapore circuit breaker, I literally had this place on speed dial! They do pizza really well – a crispy thin base not overladen with toppings, and just the right amount of cheese.

Their pizza menu is divided into Red Pizza (with tomato sauce) and White Pizza (without tomato sauce). There are a few unusual options listed, such as the Americana, which is ham and pineapple, and the Tonnara, which contains tuna. However, there are enough Italian classics to keep me satisfied.

My favourits are the Napoletana, which is with olives and anchovies, and the Prosciutto e Rucola, with Italian ham and rocket .

Italian on Serangoon

I’m boring so I order the same pizza toppings again, and again, and again. They always hit the spot and taste just as good dining in as well as ordered to-go. However, occasionally I feel adventurous and try something new.

On my last visit, I enjoyed the calzone pizza stuffed with mozzarella, prosciutto and mushrooms. A calzone is a closed pizza and, to be honest, is usually something I avoid. This type of pizza can be watery when not prepared well. If the chef uses toppings that contain excess water or moisture, the result is an oozing liquid mass when you cut open the pizza. Fortunately, it was not the case here. When I opened my calzone it was nothing but melty mozerella goodness with plenty of mushroom and oregano.

I have also tried Bruno’s current pizza special which is a prosciutto pizza served with a large ball of burrata cheese in the centre. While my partner enjoyed the cheesy creaminess and excess pesto, this pizza was not my cup of tea. The cut burrata unleashed a milky stream across the plate which made my pizza crust go soggy! I’ll stick to my usual favourites moving forward.

Italian on Serangoon

The Pastas & More

Occasionally I am in the mood for some pasta. While I prefer the pizza at Bruno’s, some of their pasta dishes are really great too such. Especially the ravioli!

Their porcini mushroom risotto, otherwise known as the Risotto Ai Funghi Porcini, is also a real delight. Rich and flavourful mushrooms pack every mouthful. A dash of truffle oil and generous curls of parmesan complement the dish. It manages to avoid the mushy fate of so many other risottos. The rice is not over cooked and holds some texture.

One of my all time favourite pasta dishes is linguine puttanesca. I’m sorry to say the puttanesca here is a fail. True puttanesca is punchy. It is made with large helpings of anchovy, black olive and tomato, and it should make your tongue tingle and mouth feel thirsty. The puttanesca at Bruno’s is mild, to say the least. I could hardly detect any anchovy let alone salt content. Oh well, they cannot get everything right.

Italian on Serangoon

I must mention how much I love the bruschetta. While it may not pass the Italian authenticity test, given it is made with cherry tomatoes and balsamic cream, it tastes great. The bread base is suitably crunchy and lathered in olive oil. They don’t skimp on the tomato seasoning either. A portion of bruschetta is truly a gorgeous way to start your meal.

Italian on Serangoon

I’ve tried most of the salads at Bruno’s. The mozzarella salad and the rocket and apple salad are not bad. What I will say, however, is I would prefer to spend my money on pizza rather than salad. They cost more or less the same.

Italian on Serangoon

That brings me to my last point, which is price. Italiano is not cheap eating in Singapore. You cannot expect to pay the same for a woodfired pizza as you would a bowl of noodles! With that in mind, the prices at Bruno’s are very reasonable. A pizza here costs almost the same as a large pizza from Pizza Hut but tastes waaaaay better. All their pizza and pasta dishes range from $20-30. For a main dish, such as meat or seafood, you can expect to pay $40 or more. Bruno’s frequently run special deals so keep your eye out for great discounts on their website! In my experience, a meal for two people dining at Bruno’s, including a couple of alcoholic beverages, is usually around $100.

Is Bruno’s the best Italian restaurant I ever visited? No. We are in Singapore… However, they are pretty damn good and stack up well against other Italian restaurants based in the city. Their classic “red” pizzas are top notch and they make a mean mushroom risotto. Bruno’s is the perfect spot to spend a Friday night when you want to treat yourself after a hard week of work. Thank god I have a little Italian on Serangoon round just around the corner from my house! For more restaurant recommendations in the area you should check out my Farrer Park Foodie Roundup.

Bruno’s Italian on Serangoon Road
544 Serangoon Road
Singapore 218166

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