Who Is Bossy Flossie?

Let me start by saying who Bossy Flossie isn’t. Do you know those annoying travel bloggers who have taken over social media? They usually post something along the lines like… It has always been my dream to travel. So I have done something really brave and quit my job to discover the world! Well, I am not one of those bloggers. In fact, they irritate me. Why is quitting your office job to go travelling brave? The majority of the world’s population do not even hold office jobs #firstworldproblems. And, with a little resourcefulness and good time management, it is possible to explore the world without shirking your responsibilities. With that said, admittedly I am addicted to buying lotto tickets in the vain hope that I can retire early from corporate life.

My blog is a self indulgent project. I like travelling and discovering new places so blogging is a way for me to capture my memories. Who knows, perhaps future historians will read these very words as they attempt to understand what life was like during the 21st century. I’m also opinionated and writing about my frustrations provides cheap relief relative to the cost of hard liquor in Singapore. Lastly, my blog allows me to pursue my love for design and communication.

Let me tell you a little more about Bossy Flossie. I was born in Sydney but by my 20’s I developed a deep disgust for how the Australian government preyed on its own people through the popularisation of gambling. So I packed my bags and moved to London. I didn’t know anyone or anything about London, but within a month I had met a few cool friends, secured a job and was in the midst of planning a once in a lifetime road trip through Europe. Sadly, that trip was pre-blog and pre-smart phone! Living in London was the best of times and the worst of times. London is exciting and fun and it has a lot to offer an art and culture lover like me. The best exhibitions, artists and performers from across the world come to London. It was also a blur of pubs, drinking and pain medication. After a decade of debauchery I decided it was time to settle down and enjoy all the pleasures of a structured life so I moved to Singapore.

Bossy Flossie

Life in Singapore is too easy. The weather is always gorgeous, I have every convenience at my fingertips and it is a foodie’s heaven. Granted, alcohol is expensive and life can get a little dull, but that is a good thing. The government is hands-on in its care to maintain an orderly society and there are plenty of rules to keep you out of trouble. Singapore is also a fantastic spot from which to explore South East Asia. My personal highlights include bumming around Sri Lankan beaches, gorging on sushi in Kyoto and a bizarre cooking lesson in Belitung.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work hard and earn enough money to travel and learn more about the world I live in. These experiences make me a more tolerant and well-informed person, which in turn has a positive impact on my work and personal life. I hope you find my blog enjoyable reading or at least derive some inspiration for your own travels. But if you hate it, that is fine too. Like I said, it is a self indulgent project and I am not trying to win your approval.

Now I realise I have just spent a fair few paragraphs prattling on about a bunch of nothing! So let’s get down to the essentials… if you really want to know Who is Bossy Flossie, here are a few frequently asked questions.

What is your horoscope?

My Western horoscope is Aquarius and my Chinese horoscope is a Dog. I don’t really subscribe to either philosophy, but I do find it uncanny how accurate my horoscope is. According to Primal Astrology, which triangulates both Western and Eastern signs, I am a chameleon, who is ever-changing and never static. Chameleon’s can appear confidently eccentric or anxiously insane and they love to explore. According to the website, whilst chameleon’s are often social, political and outspoken, they also have an alter ego that is practical, frugal, and down to Earth. Wow… that me to a tee!

What was Bossy Flossie’s favourite holiday?

Gosh that is a difficult question because I love to travel. I really enjoyed my photography expedition to China in 2017 because it was a novel experience. I got to hike at the Wudalianchi Geopark and witness the spectacular red crowned cranes taking flight. But my best foodie holiday was Taiwan where everything tasted amazing, especially the fresh sashimi at the fish market.

Do you like animals?

Uhh… yes, yes and yes! I’m one crazy cat lady and I spend every spare moment (and penny) doting on my beloved kittens named Misty and Mochi. If you want to learn more about our crazy love-hate relationship, then check-out my other blog Misty & Mochi for the stories, photos and hand-drawn illustrations.

I also try to practice vegetarianism although it is not always possible when you live in Asia. I am constantly being peer-pressured into eating roasted meats and burgers. But believe me, if I lived alone on this planet, I would definitely be a vegetarian.

Is Bossy Flossie a nice person?

Ha ha, now that’s a funny question. A lot of people assume that I am always bossy because of my nickname. Well, bossy is not necessarily a bad thing because bossy people get shit done. I don’t waste time relaxing, I’m constantly on the move and working on something 24/7. If you take the time to get to know me, you will discover that underneath my hard exterior I am passionate about humanitarian issues, the environment, politics and philanthropy. I actively volunteer with several social enterprises and charities in Singapore. I also like to interrupt other people’s conversations in order to force my political views down their throats – now that’s called tough love.

Feel free to drop any other questions you may have in the comments box below.

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  1. Anne-Marie
    February 12, 2020 @ 1:23 pm

    A very interesting and sensible article, hopefully common sense will prevail in Australia! Wishing all the best for Singapore and well done to the Singapore government who appear to be handling this well and being transparent.


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