Bossy Flossie hires a Manager after being named Top Singapore Lifestyle Blogger

This past month has been an exciting time for Bossy Flossie. Not only have I had the opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka and check out many more amazing Singapore restaurants, but I was also recognised as one of the top 30 Singapore Lifestyle Bloggers to follow in 2018 by Feedspot. I have also started a creative non-fiction writing class taught by novelist and poet Darryl Whetter. The blog is growing and life couldn’t be better.

In order to help manage the increased traffic and growth of the platform, I needed to hire a Manager to assist with social media marketing as well as other responsibilities. I placed an advertisement on LinkedIn but after several interviews, I couldn’t find the right candidate. I needed someone with a passion for writing but who wasn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Eventually my kitten, Misty timidly approached me and asked me for the job.

Top Singapore Lifestyle Blogger
Bossy Flossy with Misty, her new employee and Manager

Misty is one of the cleverest kittens I know. Earlier this year, she was accepted as an intern at Chanel to work in their Marina Bay Sands store. However when Misty found out that Chanel was not paying its animal employees fairly she immediately quit in moral protest. After spending a few weeks of drinking wine and reading poetry, Misty then decided to go back to university and study a PHD in human psychology.

Misty is so clever that despite her studies she still has time to take on a part time job. Bossy Flossie is excited to have her on board to help with the blog! Whilst Bossy Flossie cannot afford to pay Misty a salary, she has agreed to order official business cards for Misty with the title Manager printed in bold.

Despite the job title, many of the fundamental responsibilities of the role are administrative in nature. For instance, Bossy Flossie needs someone to prepare her breakfast each morning and help clean her socks and underwear. Now that Bossy Flossie is a top Singapore Lifestyle Blogger, she does’t have time to do these basic tasks herself.

The new working relationship has got off to a rocky start after Misty fell asleep on the job. Bossy Flossie came home to find Misty asleep in the laundry basket and no clothes had been washed! Misty didn’t like it when Bossy Flossie yelled at her and she threatened to quit. However Bossy Flossie promised to make her a Senior Manager if she stayed on and completed her probationary period.

Top Singapore Lifestyle Blogger
Misty fell asleep on the job in the laundry basket

Please join me in welcoming Misty to the Bossy Flossie team. And thank you to all my loyal readers for your support!


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