Hello peeps! Welcome to my world of sticky poppy poetry. I am a budding writer based in Singapore and I create poems for little kids … and big kids – like me!

A few years ago, I hated poetry. Strong words but true. I found the written verse boring and difficult to understand. Then, in 2019, I started an MA in Creative Writing at LASALLE College of the Arts. My ambition was to write a novel but I fell in love with poetry instead.

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when I gave birth to my son. We had so much fun listening to old nursery rhymes I decided to try my hand at writing some myself. Thus was born sticky poppy poetry.

What is sticky poppy poetry?

That’s my special brand of verse for kids which is fun to read out loud. Sticky poppy poems are rich in onomatopoeia, silly words, and rhyme, rhyme and more rhyme!

My website features a lot of great poems from other writers too.

Why poetry?

Poetry is a wonderful way to explore language. Think of it as a lesson in vocabulary while navigating slippery tongue twisters. A simple simile or a complex metaphor teaches our children that anything is possible. All it takes is a little imagination.

Enough with the explanations… time to play some poetry.