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Hello there! My name is Bossy Flossie. However, my friends just call me Flossie on account of my frizzy hair. Welcome to my personal blog. Here I write about my life in Singapore as well as share personal anecdotes, post fun photos and videos, and give helpful advice. I suppose you could say this is just another lifestyle blog!

I first moved to Singapore in 2017 and quickly fell in love with this garden state. What is there not to adore about living in Singapore? The food is fab, the weather is warm, lush nature abounds, and the city runs like clockwork. Plus I have a wonderful family and lots of great friends here.

When I first started the Bossy Flossie blog, it was just me! I mostly wrote about my travels around Asia. However, a lot has happened since 2017. I began studying for a Master’s degree at Lasalle (checkout my soundpainting performance), I tied the knot with my Japanese hubby, Yuji, at our lovely home on Petain Road. And, most recently, I gave birth to a bonny baby boy at NUH hospital. Of course, the coronavirus also happened, so my career as a travel blogger is now well and truly dead!! Today, my blog focuses on life in Singapore with my family. We are hardcore foodies and love sampling the local fare. When we are not eating, we enjoy hiking, shopping, soaking in the local culture, and drinking coffee.

Here are a few more Q&A about Bossy Flossie and family.

What does Bossy Flossie mean?

That’s my name, don’t wear it out. People call me Flossie because my hair is very frizzy and blonde like banana fairy floss. It is the bane of my life and I hate my curly hair. It looks messy and is difficult to manage. Before I came to Singapore, I always used to straighten my curls with an expensive Dyson hairdryer. I gave that up because the weather here is so humid and my hair refuses to stay straight beyond five minutes.

Although some people also call me “Bossy”, I’m not really that bossy. I am just opinionated. Opinions are for free, right?

Why are you so obsessed with Farrer Park?

It’s true. I am obsessed with Farrer Park. I have lived in the area for four years and I spend most of my free time exploring Farrer Park as well. City Square Mall is just the best (come on, it has Don Don Donki, Decathlon, Daiso, plus more!) and there are so many great cafes and restaurants too. When I am not shopping, eating, or drinking here, I am walking by Somme Park and the beautiful conservation houses by Petain Road.

Where did you live before Singapore?

Many people struggle to correctly identify my accent. I originally hail from Sydney in Australia. However, I spent more than eight years living in London in the United Kingdom.

What’s your favourite place to eat in Singapore?

Gaining weight in Singapore is an unavoidable challenge because the food here is so good! It is hard for me to pick a single favourite restaurant. The wanton mee at the 88 Hong Kong hawker stall is pretty amazing. I am also a big fan of the Irish roasted duck at Duckland.

Char Siew Farrer Park

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Bossy Flossie and Family