Flossie’s Star Rating

Most of you reading this do not know Flossie. You probably have flicked through my food and travel blogs only to wonder what right does Flossie have to rate and comment on restaurants? I am a certifiable foodie which is why everyone who knows me always asks my opinion on food and cooking. Flossie’s star rating has real meaning behind it. It took me a lifetime to obtain this qualification so let me go right back to the beginning…

My mother was a well known, successful caterer who even cooked for the Prime Minister of Australia. She ensured I never ate processed food as an infant, which was an important start to developing a refined platte. Even to this day, I still cannot bear to eat anything out of a can. God help me if I ever need to survive a nuclear attack.

As an adult, I have worked in hospitality as a barista, bartender, cocktail expert, waiter, hostess and sandwich maker. I gained experience at humble establishments and cafes to some of the best restaurants in the world in a career spanning more than 10 years across two continents. During that time I participated in wine tasting, coffee artistry school and got to know some amazing chefs. There is nothing more inspiring than hearing a chef talk about his philosophy on food. I also got to eat a lot of good food and not necessarily customer leftovers!

It was then time for me to travel the world. From Asia Pacific to Europe to the Americas, I have visited over 20 different countries. Wherever I go, I aim to sample the local street food and enjoy plenty of wine and national drinks. I will also research at least one top-end restaurants to visit for every country I travel to.

But to be a true foodie, you also need to understand the mechanics of cooking. That is why I took a cooking class in Bologna, the foodie capital of Europe as well as in Bali, the home of exotic spices and roots. At home, I cook Western Asian fusion dishes for dinner and prepare classic Kiwi inspired desserts.

Flossy’s star rating system is pretty simple to comprehend and can be applied to all restaurants, cafes and bars. It is based on a one to five star scale and considers location, value for money, quality of ingredients, the menu choice, taste of food, ambiance, seating and customer service.

A one star rating means the establishment is terrible and is unlikely to improve. Flossie does not recommend readers go there and hopes the place gets shut down. To achieve the lowest rating, at least 3 of the following statements must be true:

  • Ingredients are not fresh and food poisoning is a possibility
  • Waitstaff are rude and customer service non-existent
  • The food is expensive for what it is
  • Menu selection is terrible
  • Food presentation is sloppy

A two star rating indicates a poor establishment that could possibly improve. Whilst Flossie does not recommend it, she does not wish that it gets closed down and acknowledges that others might like to dine here.

A three star rating is a solid ranking and indicates the establishment serves decent food and is decent value for money. It is the kind of place you can go for an average meal, but not for a special occasion.

A four star rating is a big accomplishment for any establishment. It means that Flossie is willing to put her name on the line to personally recommend this place to friends and colleagues because the food and service is great, the quality of ingredients are top notch, and the general ambiance is on par with the menu prices. You can go out of your way to visit a place that Flossie rates four stars.

A five star rating is the highest accolade an establishment can receive. Flossie will only rate five stars to exceptional establishments that she has frequented several times and that she plans to continue visiting. In order to achieve this highest rating, at least 3 of the following statements must be true:

  • Service is personalised and friendly, but not annoying
  • Prices are fair
  • Quality of ingredients are excellent across all dishes
  • Food is prepared and presented consistently each visit
  • Menu selection exceeds expectations

Food can be a subjective matter, therefore not everyone will always agree with Flossie’s star rating. Be your own judge and comment on my blog posts if you wish to challenge my view. You can visit my top food posts about Victor’s Kitchen, Old Hen Kitchen and Matcha Pancakes and leave your comments.

As always,
Love Flossie xxx