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Let me start by saying who Bossy Flossie isn’t. Do you know those apparently brave and annoying travel bloggers, who quit their jobs to travel the world? Well, I am not one of them. They irritate me. Why is quitting your office job to go travelling brave? The majority of the world’s population do not even hold office jobs #firstworldproblems. And with a little resourcefulness and good time management, it is possible to explore the world without shirking your responsibilities. Read More about “About Bossy Flossie”

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How I helped my boss discover his True and Authentic self

A shapely woman with coffee colour skin stood at the front of the auditorium, facing a crowd of fifty eager young women. She wore a sleeveless, white cotton dress with wide navy stripes that accentuated her round figure. Her full lips were immaculately coloured red….
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Take the career personality test to discover your TRUE CALLING!

This career personality test, developed by a senior Human Resources professional and certified MBTI practitioner, will help you to discover your true calling. The questions are designed to dig deep into your psyche and uncover your innate drivers and motivators. In order to align with…
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Have you ever wondered what era you belong in?

We are all born into this life in the same way but some people just don’t fit the mould as well as others. There are some individuals who have an unusual way of thinking. They look and act like regular people but their philosophies and…
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An off the beaten track guide to hiking in Sigiriya

One of the highlights of my holiday to Sri Lanka was hiking around the legendary Sigiriya Rock. Also known as the Lion Rock, Sigiriya is an ancient rock fortress that was built by King Kashyapa during his reign from 477 to 495 AD. However I…
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Dumplings and Roasted Meat at Red Star Restaurant

In my quest to find the best dim sum breakfast in Singapore, I had to give the dumplings and roasted meat at Red Star Restaurant a try. Red Star serves Cantonese-style dim sum and Chinese dishes and is located at the top of a HDB…
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Sai Kung Peninsula Hike and Fresh Seafood Restaurants

Sai Kung is known as the backyard of Hong Kong and it is remarkable for its sweeping green views, pristine beaches, volcanic rock columns and the floating fishing village that feeds all the busy seafood restaurants along the main pier. During my last visit to…
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