Lovely Seal

Ging gang gong gong
ging gang gong gong
glucked Lovely Seal as he bomped along.

Two paws, pappety flap,
slippery hopscotch, flappety plap!
Pretty peeping puffin pals tag along.

Seals live in the white world
where scoops of pearly ice cream grow
and polar bears, beluga whales, and moose belong.

Lovely wants to breathe a song
of frangipani, funfetti roll,
sticky-poppy colours that play all day long.

Ging gang gong gong
ging gang gong gong
gulped Lovely Seal as he gumped on by.

Curious nose, whiffety whuff,
whiskery wet nub, sniffity snuff!
His sluicy juicy lashes flash towards the sky.

Lovely dreamed a jubbly place
you go to poke a silly face
and everything is dappled in rainbow smiles:

dandelion and taffeta vine,
sweet pea swirls and sundrop rhymes,
a floral patch playful pups can romp on high!

Bomping Along

They say every baby is different. My Lovely Seal is one year old, and he still hasn’t figured out crawling! He bumps and shuffles from place to place on his tummy. I’m convinced he’ll be walking before he crawls properly.

The other delightful thing about this age is all the sweet babbling noises. This ditty is full of tongue twisters in a nod to the silly words babies spout. To read more about the story behind this poem, check out my blog, Ging Gang Gong Gong… Baby Babble.

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