Japanophilia Trivia with Mesmerising Photos!

Welcome to the Japanophilia Trivia, which is a mini-quiz dedicated to the special corner of Earth they call Japan. I was SUPPOSED to be in Japan right now (read why here), but as fate would have it, my trip was cancelled. Well, that doesn’t mean I can’t still drool over the fantastic photos and plot out my next trip!

How well do you know Japan? Take this Japanophilia Trivia, which is only ten questions, to test your knowledge and enjoy some mesmerising photos along the way!

What is the national animal of Japan?

Forest accounts for percentage of total land in Japan?

How many UNESCO World Heritage sites exist in Japan?

How many earthquakes, strong enough for people to feel, occurred in 2019?

How many active volcanoes exist in Japan?

The recipe for tempura was first bought to Japan from which country?

How long was Kyoto the capital of Japan before it moved to Tokyo?

In which year was the Tokyo Olympic Games first cancelled?

How many ramen restaurants are in Japan?

How many islands (minimum 100 meters of coast line) is Japan made up of?

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