Delectable Soy Chicken Ramen at Haikee Brothers in China Town Point

Haikee Brothers is a new fast-service restaurant that has recently opened its doors in China Town Point. Their specialty is roasted soy chicken and I must admit, their chicken is very tasty. The soy chicken ramen particularly is a stellar dish! However even the most laid back diner will not be prepared for the shockingly bad customer service at Haikee Brothers. Visit once for the cheap and cheerful chicken dishes but this place is unlikely going to be a favourite.

Flossie’s rating: ★★

Haikee Brothers has a good menu, which features soy chicken prepared in a multitude of ways as well as a few various soup and pork dishes. Take a look at the plump and perfectly browned chicken carcasses hanging in the kitchen window and you just know it is going to taste good.

The soy chicken ramen is the star attraction of the menu. The broth is a rich concentration of flavoursome, salty chicken stock served with white noodles and a generous portion of succulent chicken. The chicken flesh is so soft it falls apart in your mouth and is suitably contrasted by lashings of crispy skin. The ramen comes served with crispy Chinese broccoli stems, which help to complete a very satisfying meal.

The second stand-out dish on the menu is the carrot cake. I’ve never been a huge fan of this Chinese favourite, which doesn’t actually contain any carrots but rather turnips, which look like “white carrots”. However, the carrot cake here is addictive. The medium-sized squares of turnip are lightly fried in plenty of egg and the texture is pillowy soft. They are seasoned with just the right amount of salt and a touch of Chinese five spice.

If you stick with the chicken and the carrot cake, then you will be all set at Haikee Brothers. When I decided to delve into their pork offering on subsequent visits I was left deeply disappointed.

The mala pork dish is considered a best seller and is served piping hot in a foil-clad clay dish. The mala pork arrived within five minutes of me placing my order and the cubes of pork belly were soggy. A large quantity of this dish had clearly been pre-made and was waiting on standby for quick service. The flavours were wonderfully aromatic, and I could really taste the Szechuan pepper in each bite. However it could hardly be called mala. I mean… it wasn’t spicy nor did I detect any redness of chilli. I do have to give them credit for the abundance of mushrooms in the dish.

The other popular dish on the menu at Haikee Brothers is the tri-combo noodle dish. For only $8.80 you get a big plate of soy chicken, roasted pork and firm tofu served with noodles, hard boiled egg and Chinese broccoli. Unfortunately the incredibly stringy yellow noodles leave much to be desired and the entire dish is soaked in so much dark soy it leaves a thick taste in the mouth.

The dishes at Haikee Brothers are reasonably priced, ranging from $5-12 for main meals and around $7 for a side dish. Haikee Brothers also serve their own version of yong tau foo and fish soup as well and they a few dumpling options on the menu. This includes BBQ pork rice roll, which is actually very tasty and ideal for sharing.

What lets this place down big time is the shocking service. The waitstaff are rushed off their feet and are moving too quickly to do a good job. Expect them to forget order items and to slam glasses and bowls on the table with little regard for your feelings! Haikee Brothers is a welcome addition to China Town Point shopping centre but still has some work to do to be great.

Haikee Brothers
133 New Bridge Road
China Town Point #02-39
Singapore 059413

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