Frequently Asked Questions

If you read about Bossy Flossie and you want to know more juicy details, please see answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Flossie below.

What is your horoscope?

My Western horoscope is Aquarius and my Chinese horoscope is a Dog. Please don’t use that to try and calculate my age… all you need to know is that I’m young at heart. I don’t really subscribe to either philosophy, but I do find it uncanny how accurate my horoscope is! According to Primal Astrology, which triangulates both Western and Eastern signs, I am a chameleon. That means I am always changing and never static. Chameleon’s can appear confidently eccentric or anxiously insane and they love to explore. According to the website, whilst chameleon’s are often social, political and outspoken, they also have an alter ego that is practical, frugal, and down to Earth. Wow… that sums me up to a tee!

Bossy Flossie
According to astrology I am a chameleon

What has been Bossy Flossie’s favourite holiday?

Gosh that is a difficult question because I love to travel. For me, the best holidays are where I have learned something new. They must have an element of exploration and history as well as lots of great food. I really enjoyed my trip to China in 2017 because it was a novel experience. I had fun hiking at the Wudalianchi Geopark, sampling lots of delicious Chinese food and witnessing the spectacular red crowned cranes take flight. But my best foodie holiday was Taiwan. Everything tasted amazingly good, especially the fresh sashimi at the fish market.

Bossy Flossie
This is me hiking at the Wudalianchi Geopark in China

Visiting the natural hot springs of Tuscany was another special trip, which included a lot of ancient and modern history. But probably the best holiday of all was in New York, when I spent 10+ hours walking from Manhattan all the way to Jersey City. Or maybe the best is yet to come… I am dreaming about future holidays to Vietnam, India and Japan.

Which foods do you like?

Bossy Flossie is a foodie, no question about it. I enjoy sampling different foods from all around the globe. However I do have a few firm favourites. One of them is Hong Kong style dumplings, which include har gow, rice noodles stuffed with prawns, BBQ pork buns and vegetable stuffed dim sum. There is so much variety and it makes for a great Sunday brunch if you are with a group of people.

Bossy Flossie
Divine golden goodness filled with pork!

I love Asian food in general, from Chinese soups and Thai green curry, to interesting fusion concoctions like Singapore chilli Japanese tendon!

My favourite European cuisine is Italian. That might sound boring, because everybody likes Italian food. But when I lived in London one of my favourite Friday night traditions was going to the local Italian bistro and ordering a glass of prosecco and a big bowl of linguine pescatore. I am still searching for that incredible Italian restaurant in Singapore where I can get my pasta fix.

Have you had any bad dining experiences?

Who hasn’t? Unfortunately the bad dining experiences probably outweigh the good ones! If I am going to a nice restaurant I have high expectations. Dining out can be expensive and as I don’t eat out often I consider it to be a special occasion. That means the whole experience should be enjoyable including nice food, friendly service and a good general ambience.

In London my pet peeve was lack of service. At many establishments the waitstaff are not attentive and particularly have a problem with clearing empty glassware. More often than not, by the time I paid the bill my table would be full of glasses from all the beverages I had consumed.

In Singapore it is the opposite problem. Sometimes the service is too attentive! The minute you take a sip of your water, someone rushes over to top it up again. And quite often it has happened to me that my glass was cleared when there is still a little bit of wine left. This is a problem, because alcohol is horrendously expensive in Singapore and I do not want to waste a single drop of it.

But first and foremost, the food needs to be good. One of my favourite all-time restaurants is Victor’s Kitchen, which is the most humble establishment in Singapore with no air-conditioning but incredibly tasty dumplings. Learn more about Bossy Flossie’s star rating system.

Which cities would Bossy Flossie love to live in?

I am a city girl through and through. I cannot drive, I do not love the great outdoors and I place a high value on modern plumbing and amenities. I also love the energy and throng of a busy city and that smell of opportunity that comes with it. After just a couple of days roaming around a city I can feel whether or not I could live there. Mumbai, Athens, Sao Paulo, New York and Istanbul are all energetic hubs I felt an attraction to. They are busy and thriving and it feels like anything is possible when you are there. Life is short and the world is big. Perhaps one day after I have explored all of Singapore and satisfied my southeast Asia travel bug, I will find a new place to call home. However for the moment I could not be more content living in Singapore.

Bossy Flossie
I would have no trouble living in gorgeous Istanbul

What is your biggest gripe?

Bossy Flossie is a pretty relaxed person. Not much gets on my nerves except insincerity. It doesn’t cost anything to be genuine, and so a fake smile or false promise just drives me up the wall. A perfect example is when I was visiting Ostend in Belgium. I started chatting with a group of British musicians who were performing in the local theatre. After a few jokes and introductions, the lead performer offered me free tickets to watch their show and said I could pick them up at the box office the next day. I knew straight away it was an empty gesture. An awkward silence had ensued after he explained what the troupe were doing in Belgium and he seemed to feel obliged to offer me tickets, not thinking I would actually take him up on the offer. Well I don’t know why he felt obliged as I have better things to do than watch a shoddy performance. Needless to say, when I strolled by the box office the next day there were no tickets waiting for me.

Do you like animals?

Animals are defenceless creatures and we should protect and nurture them. The world can only thrive when there is a balanced ecosystem and the circle of life is respected. That is why I lead a vegetarian lifestyle. I especially avoid chicken because I do not like the treatment of battery hens or how chickens are fed hormones and their meat is pumped full of water to increase the weight (and cost) at the supermarket. I do not eat 99% of all meats. The only meat I eat if the social occasion commands for it is fillet steak or roast duck. But even then, I aim to have 6 meat-free days a week.

I have always wanted to own a pet and cats are drawn to me. Wherever I live, cats seem to follow and I have ended up caring after many strays in the course of my life. When I lived in Whitechapel in London, a friendly ginger cat with a pink nose who was named Pumpkin would always pop into my home for a saucer of milk and a cuddle. In Singapore, a cat recently gave birth to a litter of four white and ginger kittens at my condominium. Whenever I come home from work, the kittens are always meowing and delighted to greet me. One day I plan to adopt 3 kittens of my own. I would like them to be all different colours and I will name them Jammy, Peanut and Toast.

Bossy Flossie
One day I want to adopt three kittens like these

Does Bossy Flossie watch TV?

I do not watch TV as I consider it a huge waste of time. It is hugely addictive, and when I did have a TV at home I was locked in an unhealthy pattern of turning it on every morning whilst I got ready for work, and then sitting in front of it during the evening whilst I ate dinner. After spending hours watching TV you are left with nothing to show for it, except perhaps some water cooler conversation the next day.

When you have no TV you are pushed to entertain yourself in other ways, either at home or by going out. During my spare time I like to go out and enjoy a meal, catch up with friends over drinks, network, hike, plan my next holiday, read a book or work on my blog.

How do you get from A to B?

I get around, a lot. People are surprised by that and I put it all down to relying on public transport. The public transport system is the pulse of every country and I refuse to live anywhere that has a crap system. It is partly why I left Sydney. Australia is growing at a fast rate, due to immigration and childbirth, yet the country refuses to invest in modern infrastructure. Sydney is taking steps backwards by spending 4+ years and millions of dollars to build a tram system. Can someone please tell the government that tram systems are slow, old fashioned relics? Everyone other major economy in the world is investing in high speed transportation.

My favourite public transport systems are the MRT in Singapore, the MTR in Hong Kong, the Taiwan bullet train and the London Tube. Paris, Tokyo and New York train systems are okay but not great.

Bossy Flossie
The London Tube network including DLR are fantastic

What else is special about Bossy Flossie?

I’m not special, I am just an ordinary girl. However what is unusual about me is my morbid fascination with imaging the end of the world. My favourite movies are apocalyptic and I have already worked out my survival strategies for a zombie invasion and nuclear attack. I am also interested in diplomacy and world politics, especially learning from current affair stories on troubled countries like North Korea. At the end of the day, the human rat race is all about politics and to survive it you must learn from the best and the worst.

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