Easy Noodle is proof that Farrer Park is moving up in the world

Easy Noodle is a bittersweet yet welcome sign of gentrification to Farrer Park. It is the first respectable restaurant with nice cutlery that serves proper alcohol (i.e. not beer) along Jalan Besar. Although I am a rabid anti-capitalist, I secretly admit I am chuffed about this new addition to the neighbourhood. Sure, it is an indicator that rents are probably on the way up but, on the other hand, there is finally a decent restaurant near my house that is worth slapping on a bit of make-up for.

Flossie’s rating: ★★★★

Easy Noodle is neatly tucked between a hawker centre and a Vietnamese barbecue joint off Jalan Besar Road. When I first walked by, I was expecting an up-market Chinese noodle bar with a name like Easy Noodle. The place looked really nice with its trendy wooden door and modern logo. I soon discovered that Easy Noodle is actually a Japanese-French fusion restaurant. However, the flavours are most definitely European with some noodles and a few sakes thrown in for good measure. It’s a very unique offering and at very decent prices.

Easy Noodle have a number of snacky-type dishes on the menu, which are perfect for drinking with beer or ordering as an appetiser. The oysters are a must! For only $9.80 you get three super plump premium oysters from Japan served naturale. The Hokkaido scallops are also tasty but a little more pricey at $4.80 a pop. They may not be to everyone’s taste as they are served mornay-style with a tad too much mozzarella cheese and not enough parmesan – if I’m being totally honest.

Easy Noodle
Two beautiful oysters
Easy Noodle
Very cheesy Hokkaido scallops

For main course I recommend the lamb foreshank, which is one of their signature meat dishes. Imported from New Zealand, this giant hunk of lamb served on the bone is top notch quality. Lamb can have a tendency to be fatty but this was juicy and generous without being greasy. The lamb is baked in red wine, capsicum and tomato with plenty of herbs. Think Provence… the perfect dish for a chippy winter’s day. However I was eating this in the heat of Singapore! Fortunately the air-con was on high so I could relish every bite. Even better, it was only $15.80. You cannot beat that price… honestly!

Easy Noodle
A rich and hearty lamb shank on the bone

If you want to try one of their noodle dishes (the noodles are hand-made on premise) then go for the beef noodles. This dish is prepared with Australian Angus beef (150 days grain-fed) cut into chunky cubes and marinated in shoyu, sake and mirin and then stewed in white wine and stock. The beef has a melt-in-your mouth quality and the noodles are soft and slightly al dente. Japanese flavours are generally mild and I found that whist the mirin added a subtle sweetness to the dish, it was easily overpowered by the wine and herbs. It was like eating a rich European stew but with noodles; hearty and satisfying. The chicken roulade with noodles is also good, although I prefer the beef.

Beef stew at Easy Noodle
Delicious beef noodle stew made with mirin and wine
Easy Noodle
Noodles with chicken is more suitable for chicken-lovers

If you visit Easy Noodle then consider ordering the tori nanban, which is fried chicken cutlet. Although it is most definitely a less healthy option, particularly with the huge dollop of tartare sauce it is served with (that is a  weird Japanese thing – chicken with tartare sauce), it is totally succulent and goes well with a few sakes.

That brings me to the most salient point. This place serves alcohol!!! And by alcohol I mean cocktails because I do not drink beer. The lychee martini is my go-to drink. It is very strong and served in a tall glass for only $12.80. They also have a variety of sake at prices so cheap, it would make most Japanese expats baulk.

Easy Noodle
Give me a lychee martini and I am happy

Easy Noodle is a cosy place with an interesting menu at good prices and they do not add any GST or service charge to the bill. On my last visit we were two people ordering a main each, two appetisers and several alcoholic beverages and the bill was under $100 – incredible for Singapore! The ambiance is also very chic. They have free napkins, nice cutlery and there is some artwork hanging on the wall. It feels like a proper restaurant – the type you would actually make a reservation for. But most importantly, the food is delicious. What a great addition to Farrer Park, I’ll keep coming back here!

Easy Noodle
20 Foch Road (off Jalan Besar)
Singapore 209261

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