Are you an interesting person?

Are you an interesting person? It is a question we secretly ask ourselves each morning as we look at our tired, crumpled faces in the mirror. We want to know whether people really find us interesting or they are feigning to laugh at our pathetic jokes.

But perhaps a more appropriate question is, what makes for an interesting person? That’s a tough one. There are various degrees of interesting. There is interesting in a “I’m a serial killer” kind of way. Then there is interesting in a “I look good on Instagram but I’m otherwise a total bore” type of way too. If I have to boil it down to the basics, an interesting person is good at holding a conversation on a range of topics but they are always careful to toe the line. They can make sexually inappropriate jokes from time to time, but they don’t actually carry them out.

Take this quick quiz to find out whether you are an interesting person, or not.

You are turning 30 years old! How would you like to celebrate this special milestone?

What do you think of sales people?

Which song/s would you like to your music playlist?

It's Friday night and your best friend is coming over to your house. Out of the below options, how would you like to spend your evening?

Which of the following books is your favourite?

You have gained 8 kilos in the past one year due to a combination of stress and laziness. You just received an invite to attend your 15 year high school reunion. What do you do?

Tick any of the following items you have purchased them before.

What is your view on Brexit?

Your company wants you to spend a year in a developing company (all expenses paid) to learn about emerging markets. Where do you choose to go?

If you were going to commit suicide, what would be your preferred method?

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