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Sashimi at Dong Gong Fish Market and Snorkelling in Little Liuqiu

From Kaohsiung it is easy to make a day trip to the famous Dong Gong fish market and from there hop on a ferry to Little Liuqiu. Both spots are popular attractions for Taiwanese locals and mainland Chinese to visit on holiday. You will see very few Western faces in these parts and so little English will be spoken. The sashimi at Dong Gong fish market is world class and swimming with turtles under Vase…
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Taiwanderful! My long weekend to Tainan and Kaohsiung in Taiwan

Taiwan is a wonderful country, it is Taiwanderful and the people are kind and hospitable. My long weekend visiting Tainan and Kaohsiung was a foodie adventure with a little history and plenty of Asian culture, creating a lifetime of Taiwanderful memories.

Hedgehog Friends at Harry’s Hedgehog Cafe in Harajuku

The opportunity to make hedgehog friends in Harajuku is a unique experience that you can only get in Tokyo. Harry’s Hedgehog cafe is a cosy environment that is home to over 40 miniature hedgehogs! There are several varieties of hedgehog friends from the very pale, albino and apricot coloured babies to darker and larger spiky spunks. The staff are caring of these sweet animals and are welcoming to all visitors, tourists and locals alike.

Ipoh and The Art of Old Town by Ernest Zacharevic

The Art of Old Town series by Ernest Zacharevic is a key attraction of Malaysia. Ipoh is the capital of the Perak region of Malaysia and the countries third largest city. The town was founded on the tin mining industry, which went into decline from the late 20th century. Today Ipoh attracts many visitors who are drawn by its old-world charm. The town centre is a mesh of colonial-era buildings, rustic doorways, beautiful mosques and a fantastic contrast…
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Winter Road Trip through Iceland and our Itinerary of the South & West

A winter road trip through Iceland is a special way to spend Christmas. We purchased a map of the south and west coasts, rented a four wheel drive and away we went on our winter road trip through Iceland. Admittedly we were cautious about battling extreme weather conditions as well as maximising the four hours of sunlight each day. But the beauty of Iceland is breathtaking. From its mountainous terrain and peaks covered in fluffy white…
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Matcha Pancake and Japanese Hand Drip Coffee at Hoshino Coffee

Adventurous brunch lovers will appreciate Hoshino Coffee at Plaza Singapura. Their specialty is Japanese hand drip coffee and fluffy soufflé style matcha pancake. On my recent visit I ordered the matcha pancakes and my tastebuds were seriously in matcha heaven!

Beautiful Parkroyal on Pickering is a special place to stay in Singapore

The beautiful Parkroyal on Pickering is a five star hotel in Singapore. It has become an iconic feature of the Singapore skyline and won numerous sustainability awards due to its unique garden in a building concept. The rooms are modern and comfortable and the food at its signature Lime restaurant has great variety and quality. The beautiful Parkroyal on Pickering is a recommended alternative to the more famous Fullerton Hotel for visitors to Singapore who wish to stay…
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Italian Pasta Making with the Culinary Institution of Bologna

I love Italian food and it has always been a dream of mine to learn traditional Italian pasta making in Bologna. My dream came true with a unique experience learning three traditional recipes at the Culinary Institution of Bologna in Italy. 

Ridiculous New York Hike: George Washington Bridge to Jersey City

The best way to discover a city is on foot and the highlight of my recent trip to New York was joining an incredible meetup crew to do a ridiculous New York hike! We met 10am at the Starbucks on 181st in Manhattan before setting off across the George Washington Bridge. 12 hours later we had made it to the famous Colgate Clock in Jersey City. The entire walk covered over 18 miles and we…
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What it is Like to Fly Business Class or First Class with British Airways

The budget traveller can only imagine what it is like to fly business class. Flying in business or first class with British Airways is an incredible trip and I feel lucky to have experienced it. The biggest perk is the comfortable seating, especially if flying long haul, so you can get a good quality sleep and you don’t leave the plane achy and grumpy. The second greatest perk is the unlimited champagne. Of all the…
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Singapore Chilli Crab Tendon at Don Meiji, Ramen Champion

Fans of Japanese food will know about the Ramen Champion fleet of eateries on level four of the Bugis+ shopping centre in Singapore, but the most special dish is the Singapore Chilli Crab tendon at Don Meijin. Don Meijin specialises in donburi, which are rice bowls with meat, fish or vegetables. Tendon is a type of donburi that consists of tempura with rice. Don Meijin have put a Singapore spin on this classic Japanese dish with its…
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Indulgent Champagne Brunch at the Ritz-Carlton is Incredible

The indulgent champagne brunch buffet at the Ritz-Carlton is a very special treat. It is served in the Colony room and has every delicacy and culinary delight you can imagine. The experience is made all the more enjoyable by the old style charm of the room, the polite servers and the constantly flowing champagne.

Horrible Airbnb Guests Taught me to Dislike People

I was an Airbnb host for one year, letting out a spare bedroom with ensuite in Central London. During the first 6 months I hosted 43 guests from more than 8 different countries with the average review being an okay 3 stars. However one too many bad experiences, I decided to hang up my Airbnb keys and retire. I grew tired of the stress of hosting as horrible Airbnb guests taught me to dislike people.

Surviving the End, Best and Worst Apocalyptic Movies

The best and worst apocalyptic movies imagine the end of the world, whether it be caused by human destruction or natural occurrences beyond our control. The imaginations of humanity have run wild on this topic for centuries. The Mayan civilization of Mexico predicted 2012 would be the end of an era. In 95 AD Saint John wrote the book of Revelations, prophesying a bloody end to man. However what I love most about the best and…
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A History of Aldgate East, the Tube Station We Love to Hate

The history of Aldgate East captured my imagination. I’m a huge fan of the tube. Ever since my first day in London I fell in love with its iconic design and the convenience of travelling from one end of London to another so quickly. I found the frequency of the tube very impressive. I came from a city where it was normal to wait 30 minutes for the next train. As they say, you know you…
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Saturnia Mud Baths, Semproniano and other Tuscan Medieval Villages

Visit Tuscany just for the Saturnia mud baths. When most people think of Tuscany they imagine medieval cities, great food and red wine. However the region also has a lot of naturally occurring thermal activity and the highlight of my holiday was soaking in the free and spectacular Saturnia mud baths and Bagno di Vignoni springs. The Etruscan archaeology and gastronomic delights also left a deep impression on me.

Camping Holiday at Fletcher’s Farm in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire

Sometimes when the daily stresses of work and life are taking its toll, you can get crazy ideas into your head, like deciding to go camping at Fletcher’s Farm. That is exactly what happened to me and group of friends when we took it upon ourselves to go camping up north in Yorkshire when winter was only just beginning to thaw out. I guess we thought it might be nice to get some fresh air…
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The Switch House at Tate Modern will Disgust and Inspire

If I had to recommend just one point of interest to visit when in London, it would be the Tate Modern. Not only does it exhibit cutting edge performance, installations and modern art, but it is a terrific space that spurs both disgust and creative thought. It is also connected to one of the oldest London icons, St Paul’s Cathedral by the chewing gum strewn Millennium Footbridge. The Switch House is a new 10 story…
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World of Maj(ORC)a: Our Majorca Beach Holiday

My Majorca beach holiday has to be one of the most disappointing, uninteresting yet funniest trips I’ve taken in quite some time. Majorca is the land of the holiday resort and spending one week on a Majorca beach holiday was akin to being trapped in some American family comedy. The island is located in the Balearic and can roughly be divided into two, the German half (North East) and the English half (South West) yet there…
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A Weekend Guide to Boston for History Lovers and Foodies

I have visited the US many times however it only took one weekend for Boston, Massachusetts to become my favourite US city. Boston reminds me of a clean and organised version of Europe. The city is full of history but it is laid out in a methodical way. The architecture is dated but well put together. But the real reason why I love Boston is because it is full of surprises. From the friendly people…
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Turkish Road Trip along the Black Sea from Akçakoca to Istanbul

Turkey is one of the greatest places to take a road trip. It is a diverse country, rich in history and natural beauty, and there is a lot to explore. We spent two weeks driving from Istanbul along the black sea from Akçakoca to Kastamonu and driving back inland via Safranbolu. We ate delicious food, swam in clear waters, and got lost in one of Turkey’s largest national parks!

TFL Capital Ring Walk: Beckton, Woolwich & Falconwood

I began working my way through the TFL Capital Ring Walk, a series of 15 walks designed by Transport for London. It covers 78 miles of open space and natural reserves circling central London. Section 15-1 of the TFL Capital Ring Walk starts at Beckton and goes through Woolwich, ending in Falconwood. During the walk we saw city buildings, stunning Thames views, industrial sites and beautiful woodland.

Russia’s Golden Ring Road Trip from Suzdal to Pereslavl-Zalesskiy

Visiting Russia’s Golden Ring, from Suzdal to Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, was one of the top things we wanted to do whilst visiting Russia. The Golden Ring is a circle of small cities and villages outside of Moscow to the North, which are famous for their beautiful churches, old history and provincial way of life. I embarked on this trip in 2013 during one of the coldest springs on record for Russia. The weather was almost off putting but…
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Living with Chronic Nerve Pain and Advice for Living Life

I broke my back in October 2012 and lived with chronic pain for five years. This is a reality for many people who undergo surgery or suffer from spinal conditions and nerve pain is particularly severe. If you are a chronic pain patient, you have pain 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every minute of your life. The most common outcome of living with pain is depression. Pain can be debilitating and you spend a lot of time in denial and…
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Listen to Chanson Music in the Heart of Paris at Le Vieux Belleville

When I visit Paris, I’m less concerned with checking off the tourist sites than with soaking up as much culture, food and wine as I possibly can. Le Vieux Belleville accomplishes all three feats. It is a charming, cosy French bistro and a popular venue for listening to French chanson music.

Greek Island Hopping in the Ionian: Highlights of Zakynthos and Kefalonia

I spent an incredible summer hopping between between Zakynthos and Kefalonia Greek islands. I saw the iconic Navagio Shipwreck, Melasanni caves and Assos village.The islands in the Ionian Sea are especially famous for their stunning sandy beaches, bright blue waters and locally produced wine, cheese and honey.

The Orphan Master’s Son Accuracy & Its Depictions of North Korea

I recently read the Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson, an absorbing and addictive novel that is set in North Korea. The story is divided into two main parts; the first part introduces the character of Jun Do and paints a picture of the life, ways and hardships of rural North Korea. In particular, we feel the affect of the great famine during these chapters. The second part ventures into more imaginative territory, as Jun…
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What Happens & How To Recover from a Broken Back

What happens when you have a broken back? Well, it means a painful and long road to recovery however with determination and good medical treatment you can recover and lead a normal life. When I broke my back, I was living in London at the time and it was a wake up call. I needed to change my lifestyle and my mentality. Fortunately the ordeal is now a distant memory and I am stronger for…
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