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Small Adam’s Peak and the Nine Arches Bridge in Sri Lanka

One of the most enjoyable experiences I had whilst travelling Sri Lanka was hiking Small Adam’s Peak and visiting the Nine Arches Bridge in Ella. What most tourists don’t tell you is that visiting Sri Lanka can be a disappointing experience. Hiring a driver is the most practical way to get around but the more adventurous traveller will find this arrangement disempowering and might even feel a little ripped off by it. Your driver will…
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How well do you know all the favourite dishes of Singapore?

I would be lying if I said that the food is not one of the best things about living in Singapore. From hawker centres to high end restaurants, Singaporeans are passionate about their food and there is no dish you cannot find mastered here. The cuisine in Singapore is unique compared to other Asian countries because of the rich history and diversity of traditions present in this small island. Whilst Chinese cooking methods and recipes…
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Best of Nuwara Eliya! Highland tea, waterfalls, hot roti and a picturesque train journey

Nuwara Eliya is the stunning highland region of Sri Lanka, remarkable for its green landscape, abundance of natural waterfalls as well as its marked British history that is still very much evident (despite Sri Lankan independence) in the customs, architecture and names of local establishments. Most people visit the region to learn more about tea growing and to try the common brew at one of the many tea plantations.  But don’t just stop for tea…
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I can’t get enough of authentic Japanese food at Robertson Quay Izakaya

I love Japanese food and there is no shortage of supply in Singapore. From food courts and hawker centres to high end restaurants, you are spoilt for choice in terms of Japanese food options. However there are very few authentic Japanese Izakayas in Singapore. An Izakaya is a Japanese tapas and sake bar, where you go to enjoy snacks and drink alcohol. So of course I had to ask my Japanese friends for their recommendation…
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Incredible handmade halal beef noodles at Yi Zun Noodle

I love discovering new places in my local area and Yi Zun Noodle is a real gem. It is a smallish joint tucked away on a side street of Little India serving up incredible handmade halal beef noodles as its signature dish. Despite being a new addition to the area, it is already a favourite with locals and you will rarely see the place empty in the evening.

Have you ever wondered what era you belong in?

We are all born into this life in the same way but some people just don’t fit the mould as well as others. There are some individuals who have an unusual way of thinking. They look and act like regular people but their philosophies and approaches to life are different from what society expects. Does this sound like you?

Chinese duck lovers will fall in love with Nanjing Impressions

If you love the rich and succulent flavours of Chinese-style roasted duck then you will be a big fan of Nanjing Impressions. The restaurant is decorated like an ancient Chinese tea house and all the signature dishes on the menu feature roasted duck! From roasted duck soup dumplings to fried duck noodles and claypot cooked duck, this place is every duck lovers fantasy.

The Ultimate FOODIE quiz… So, you think you’re a foodie?

So, you think you’re a foodie? In today’s world of Instagram foodporn and TripAdvisor reviews, many people think they have what it takes to be called a foodie. But visiting the odd restaurant is not enough to qualify you for that status. Being a true foodie requires more than simply knowing the difference between red and white wine! You have to have passion for good ingredients, get your hands dirty in the kitchen and not…
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An off the beaten track guide to hiking in Sigiriya

One of the highlights of my holiday to Sri Lanka was hiking around the legendary Sigiriya Rock. Also known as the Lion Rock, Sigiriya is an ancient rock fortress that was built by King Kashyapa during his reign from 477 to 495 AD. However I did not follow the usual tourist path and walk up Sigiriya Rock itself, which is expensive and crowded. Instead I did some other hiking in Sigiriya area during which I…
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Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand a firm favourite for Chinese dumplings on Jalan Besar

Hand in Hand is my discovery of the year, as it is an amazing little restaurant dishing up delicious Chinese dumplings on Jalan Besar road. Even more, I can say it is the best Northern Chinese fare in Singapore. Whilst that is a big statement, it is not an exaggeration. The dishes are made with high quality ingredients and care… and you can taste it. Hand in Hand’s mission statement is to serve customers with…
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Authentic Chinese dumplings worth queuing for at Zhong Guo La Mian Xia Bao

As a rule of thumb in Singapore, a long queue is a sign of good food. However some of the most outstanding food in Singapore is hidden amongst the thousands of food stalls at various hawker centres. So I couldn’t believe my luck to have stumbled across this little gem. Zhong Guo La Mian Xia Bao always has a queue but the food is amazing and the prices are very cheap.

The challenge of finding authentic Sri Lankan food on holiday

I visited Sri Lanka for the first time in July and I wanted to try authentic Sri Lankan food. As an adventurous foodie, whenever I travel the local food experiences are an important part of my holiday experience. Sri Lanka is one of the most difficult countries to sample the local cuisine. Most Sri Lankan people do not dine out at restaurants but prefer to cook at home, which means the majority of restaurants are…
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More to French dining than just wine… meet Herve, Ginett’s new Head Chef

For those that know me well, they understand my poison of choice is wine. After 10 years of working in hospitality and attending numerous wine tastings I have developed an appreciation of European and New World wines. So when I came to Singapore I struggled at first to find my feet. Alcohol is expensive here and if you don’t have the budget or know any better, you can easily end up drinking cheap and nasty…
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What to do when you lock your keys in the car… I did it in Thailand

What do you do when you lock your keys in the car? This happened to me recently during a weekend in Bangkok. I had driven outside of the city with a group of friends and we were having a fabulous time browsing the fresh produce and buying all sorts of traditional handcrafts and foods at the Bagnoi Floating Market. We went back to the car to load up our purchases in the trunk and after…
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My Mochi kitten is the ultimate gossip girl and fashionista!

Misty and Mochi are my two clever kittens that live with me in Singapore. Like other beautiful youths, they cherish many hopes and dreams for the future. However they also face personal difficulties and they like to share their experiences with others. Mochi is the youngest sibling and she is also the most adored girl in the household. She is often described as beautiful, gorgeous, mesmerising and enchanting. Her MBTI profile is ESFP and she…
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My clever kitten Misty who loves reading and drinking wine

Misty and Mochi are my two clever kittens that live with me in Singapore. They hold many hopes and dreams for the future but they also experience trials and tribulations that are easy to relate to. Misty is the elder and more mature sister. Some people describe her as the most cerebral member of the household. Her MBTI profile is ENTP and although she comes across as shy initially, she is actually very bossy.

Singapore’s unhealthy obsession with air conditioning

When I moved to Singapore the most common question I was asked was how I managed to adapt to the weather. Singapore doesn’t have seasons and it is hot and humid all year round. However it was not the weather that I found hard to adapt to but rather Singapore’s unhealthy obsession with air conditioning.

Malacca night market

An arty farty 24 Hours eating and shopping my way through Malacca

Malacca is a perfect arty farty weekend getaway if you live in Singapore. It is only a bus ride away and an easy place to get around on foot. You can see all the main sights within 24 hours! Malacca has an amazing foodie scene and the Malacca night market alone is worth the visit. Make sure you go on an empty stomach so you can sample all the local delights. But between eating and…
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Fortune sticks, poetry and boxes of paper notes in Lao Buddhist temples

One of the allures of Laos is its deeply rooted Buddhist heritage. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world with over 520 million followers predominately in Asia. However there is no where in the world where the Buddhist monks are as revered and the temples as carefully tended as in Laos. Buddhism is not just a belief system, but it is a way of life and an important part of the Lao people’s…
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Dumplings and Roasted Meat at Red Star Restaurant

In my quest to find the best dim sum breakfast in Singapore, I had to give the dumplings and roasted meat at Red Star Restaurant a try. Red Star serves Cantonese-style dim sum and Chinese dishes and is located at the top of a HDB block of flats near River Valley. It also has an excellent reputation amongst locals. When I first went there one Saturday morning I observed only Chinese patrons and not a…
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Love my kittens Misty and Mochi although they are not rescue cats

For many years I was a crazy cat lady without any cats until I took home my two grey kittens Misty and Mochi this weekend. I was searching for sibling kittens to adopt for several months and everyone insisted I should rescue stray cats who were most in need of a home. I might add, most people who volunteered their opinion didn’t own pets of their own. From the moment I first met Misty and…
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Sai Kung Peninsula Hike and Fresh Seafood Restaurants

Sai Kung is known as the backyard of Hong Kong and it is remarkable for its sweeping green views, pristine beaches, volcanic rock columns and the floating fishing village that feeds all the busy seafood restaurants along the main pier. During my last visit to Hong Kong I spent a perfect day tackling the notoriously difficult MacLehose hiking trail along the Sai Kung peninsula. My efforts were rewarded with a fresh cooked seafood dinner on…
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How Sydney became Shitney, a story about Pokies and Light Rail

Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Those sweeping, white waves of the Opera House juxtaposed with bright skies and the bluest water you have ever seen. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the crown of the harbour, sitting proudly atop passages of expensive yachts and cruise liners, and linking one city centre to another. Yet Sydney Harbour is an iconic site reserved for tourists, hospitality workers and the rich and…
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Farrer Park living and where to get Brunch and Coffee

Living in Farrer Park has its perks but good brunch and coffee is not one of them. To the untrained eye Farrer Park seems like a foodies delight as there is a high concentration of restaurants, from the Michelin starred Putien to Singapore’s beloved dumpling house, Swee Choon. You are surrounded by the curry houses of Little India, the family restaurants of City Square Mall and the Chinese hawkers of Lavender. However getting a decent espresso…
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Why are gyms so expensive in Singapore

Why are gyms so expensive in Singapore?

When you first move to Singapore, it is a slow awakening to discover that it is a damn expensive place to live. Like a mirage, the cheap transportation and hawker food lures you into a false sense of financial security. The realisation I was living in one of the most expensive countries in the world hit me when I wanted to get back into fitness. I had to ask myself, why are gyms so expensive…
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Good morning Cat Ba

Good Morning Cat Ba, a discovery of North Vietnam’s stunning archipelago 

When I first came across the amazing green visions of Cat Ba archipelago, I knew I just had to visit this most beautiful place on earth. The archipelago consists of 367 islands in the North of Vietnam and if you go at the right time, it offers profound solitude and the perfect place to disconnect from the real world. After three days drifting between islands and houseboats and dining on simple fresh seafood, I felt…
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Protest in Singapore and why Freedom of Speech is overrated

I was wandering around Raffles Place deciding what to buy for lunch, when I came across a crowd of people watching a single man in protest in Singapore against the Terrex conspiracy. He was holding a flimsy placard calling for the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to resign over the Terrex conspiracy and repeating the mantra via loudspeaker. In typical Singapore fashion, I copied what everyone else was doing and started videoing the guy without understanding the significance.

A-Roy Thai Restaurant in Novena is not authentic but close enough

A-Roy Thai Restaurant in Novena is always full of customers and for good reason, the food is delicious and this humble establishment is one of the best cheap Thai eateries in Singapore. It can be difficult to find delicious and reasonably priced Thai food here, which is surprising given its geographic proximity to Thailand. In Singapore, many Thai restaurants compromise on fresh ingredients to reduce prices otherwise the recipes are not authentic and heavily influenced…
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