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Cafe Hopping Gili Air: Good Coffee, Poached Eggs and Amazing Smoothies

Good coffee on Gili Air, a remote island of Indonesia; you’ve got to be kidding… right? I was actually surprised by the number of great cafes and brunch spots on this Gili island. Cafe hopping is a very real and popular pastime here, in between island hopping, swimming and snorkelling. A lot of the cafes have an all-natural vibe to them, to appeal to the boat loads of SWOF (skinny white organic females) that travel…
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My favourite spots for lunch at Raffles Place during the week

Like most city workers, the toughest part about my job is deciding where to go for lunch. After two years of working in Raffles Place, I have developed a love-hate relationship with the area. There is a lot of crappy and overpriced food here but if you are willing to walk the extra mile and sample a few burnt toads, then it is possible to find edible food for lunch. Lunch is the highlight of…
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Char Siew Farrer Park

Best hawker food in Farrer Park, 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist

There are a lot of hawker stalls in Farrer Park but none of them can really be classed as great; except the 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist. In fact, amazing is probably a better descriptor. I have no hesitation in saying they serve the best Wanton Mee and roasted pork belly in Singapore.

Bossy Flossie has been busy studying and moving house

I am so touched to have received many inquiries as to my whereabouts lately. I haven’t posted a blog since February and a handful of people actually care. Well, not to worry. I have absolutely no intention of keeping silent for too long (although I very nearly was silenced… details to follow shortly). I have just been busy. I’ve been busy mostly with my studies and moving house. But, I have still managed to find…
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A Tour and Living Memory of Robert Stroud, the Bird Man of Alcatraz

Robert Stroud was a mean son-of-a-bitch who spent seventeen years as a prisoner in Alcatraz, twelve of which were in isolation. Most people hold a romantic notion of the Bird Man of Alcatraz, as he is more famously known, thanks to the Hollywood movie starring Burt Lancaster. The reality is that Stroud was an egotistic sociopath who was better off behind bars. However, one cannot help but admire him. Here was a guy who, against…
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Golden Gate Bridge

Half Day guide to San Francisco and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

I spent a long weekend during autumn in San Francisco, which was a beautiful time to visit. The sun was warm, the skies were bright and there was a pleasant crispness in the air. I explored the Mission District as well as visited the ominous Alcatraz prison. But what I enjoyed most about San Francisco was strolling around some of the quieter neighbourhoods and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a very doable half…
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Looking for Tacos and Discovering Music, Art & Literature in the Mission

I was in San Francisco recently for a long weekend and I ended up spending an entire day walking through the Mission District. The Mission has a reputation for dishing up some of the best home-style Mexican food thanks to the area’s Latino heritage. But whilst the desire for a taco brought me here, it was my toothache that led me to discover the amazing stories and colourful street art of this eclectic neighbourhood.

Vintage Champagne Brunch with Oysters and Cheese at the Ritz Carlton

Seasoned foodies and penny pinchers know the secret to buffet dining – skip the carbs, stews and curries and load up on the expensive stuff. And that is exactly what I told my auntie when we went for brunch at the Colony restaurant in the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Now, buffet dining is very popular in Singapore but it can be tough to get it right. No single chef or restaurant kitchen can be the expert on…
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2018 Foodie Roundup! Top 10 places for delicious food in Farrer Park

There is plenty of good food in Farrer Park, you just have to know where to find it. In 2018 I found some real foodie gems in and around Farrer Park, from authentic Chinese dumplings and sautéed eggplant to dukkah sprinkled avocado on toast and hand-pulled Muslim noodles. Please enjoy my 2018 foodie roundup and top 10 places to eat good food in Farrer Park.

Who are Tokyo’s homeless and what can we learn from them?

My first visit to Japan was on a business trip. I spent Monday to Friday working long hours and seeing little else besides the inside of my hotel room and the office. But I arranged to stay over the weekend so I could have a chance to explore Tokyo. 

A foodie tour of Japan, from Kaisen Don in Sapporo to Sushi in Kyoto

The Japanese believe that you eat with your eyes first. Japanese meals are always carefully arranged on the plate and bright colours and garnish help to enhance their appearance. Condiments are served in delicate pots and ramekins whilst attractive chinaware and chopsticks help to frame the dish. The Japanese also believe in good, quality ingredients above all else. Most recipes are designed to maximise the natural flavours and textures of fresh produce and therefore the…
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Old world hospitality and revitalising hot springs at Kiyomizuya

Kiyomizuya is a traditional ryokan located in the heart of Noboribetsu, a popular hot spring resort of Hokkaido. I visited Noboribetsu in late autumn to experience old-world Japanese hospitality and soak in the healing, natural hot springs. Noboribetsu is a corner of Japan forgotten by modern civilisation. The few streets of the town centre are sparsely dotted with old fashioned buildings and trim, black trees whilst the outer countryside is ravaged by wild rock, steam…
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The Demons of Hell Valley in Noboribetsu are a laid back bunch

I visited Noboribetsu in late autumn, when the leaves have already turned deep crimson and there is a refreshing chill in the air. Noboribetsu is a well known hot spring resort in the south of Hokkaido and a two hour train journey from the capital of Sapporo. I travelled to Noboribetsu to revel in the traditional, small-town Japanese hospitality it is so famous for. As our train pulled up at the station, a wonderful Disney-like…
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They say travel opens the mind… so take this QUIZ to see if it’s TRUE!

One of the reasons why I travel is to learn more about the world around me. I have visited some of the most beautiful cathedrals and temples in the world, explored forgotten castles, prayed with Buddhist monks and tasted exotic and wonderful flavours. But the most fascinating thing travel has afforded me is the ability to interact with people from all walks of life. Once upon a time, travel was only for the wealthy and…
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Sweet-tasting Furano steak, the original Wagyu of Hokkaido at 牛の松坂

During my recent trip to Japan, I had every intention of splurging on a special Wagyu steak dinner. Wagyu is the generic term given for Japanese breeds of cattle, however the meat is well regarded for its tenderness, superior fat marbling and buttery taste, which is the result of strict guidelines for rearing and feeding the cattle. There is no one single region of Japan that produces premier Wagyu however as I was visiting Hokkaido, the unofficial…
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An epic journey to the Jewel of the Indian Ocean with Dara from Two Brothers

On the Two Brothers website, Sri Lanka is described as the Jewel of the Indian Ocean. A more evocative name is hard to imagine. It reminds me of a romantic adventure, something like the Jewel of the Nile only with more opulent jewels, regal banquets and charming South East Asian beaches. I wanted to travel to Sri Lanka simply because it sounded magnificent. Sri Lanka’s rich history and poetic stories further sparked my intrigue. According…
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Food poisoning in Patong

Food poisoning in Patong before a few Fat Bastards

“How was your trip?” Robin asked as I scooted into the dark, leather booth of an upmarket wine bar in Singapore. I had arrived slightly late to meet my friend, who was with two other women. They were half way through a bottle of white wine.  “Terrible,” I huffed, studying the expectant faces of the other women whilst darting a look at the wine label. Fat Bastard Chardonnay, Languedoc, France.  

Xiang Yuan Ji Shanghai dumplings, eggplant in brown sauce and scallion oil noodles

There are many hidden foodie gems along Jalan Besar Road and when I walked past Xiang Yuan Ji Shanghai Pan Fried Dumpling I thought this was another one of them. The menu looked fantastic, boasting many Shanghai favourites like pan-fried soup dumplings, scallion oil noodles and braised eggplant in brown sauce. I was excited to discover a new place in the area.

Bossy Flossie hires a Manager after being named Top Singapore Lifestyle Blogger

This past month has been an exciting time for Bossy Flossie. Not only have I had the opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka and check out many more amazing Singapore restaurants, but I was also recognised as one of the top 30 Singapore Lifestyle Bloggers to follow in 2018 by Feedspot. I have also started a creative non-fiction writing class taught by novelist and poet Darryl Whetter. The blog is growing and life couldn’t be…
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Find out if you are capable of committing a crime!

How well do you know yourself and whether you would be capable of committing a crime? A moral compass is an internalised set of values and objectives that guide a person with regard to ethical behaviour and decision-making. Most people achieve a sound moral compass through the lessons they learn during childhood. However it is easy to be led astray by the constant pressures and temptations of adult life.

Eat healthy for cheap at Raffles Place? Follow the Yong Tau Foo queue

The biggest challenge faced by workers in Raffles Place is where to buy a healthy lunch for under $7. I have been investigating this issue for more than a year only to come to one conclusion. The only way to eat a healthy lunch for cheap in Raffles Place is to go for Yong Tau Foo. Fortunately, there are three reputable Yong Tau Foo spots in the city although unsurprisingly they all have long queues…
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Juicy soya sauce chicken and tender roast pork by Michelin-starred Hawker Chan

I have never devoured chicken so tender and soft before discovering Hawker Chan’s humble soya sauce chicken rice and noodle stall in Chinatown. As a general rule, the hawker stall with the longest queue typically has the best food and this principle has served me well living in Singapore. That was how I discovered Hawker Chan. As is my usual Saturday morning tradition, I was browsing the Chinatown Food Complex looking for some lunchtime inspiration….
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Donut lovers rejoice at low calorie Haritts Japanese donuts from Tokyo

Do you know the hardest thing about being a food blogger? It is keeping the calories at bay! However now that Haritts donuts and coffee from Tokyo has come to Singapore they have made my sugar addiction just a little bit easier to handle. Haritts Japanese donuts taste lighter than traditional donuts and are lower in calories.

How I helped my boss discover his True and Authentic self

A shapely woman with coffee colour skin stood at the front of the auditorium, facing a crowd of fifty eager young women. She wore a sleeveless, white cotton dress with wide navy stripes that accentuated her round figure. Her full lips were immaculately coloured red. But there was something not quite right about her face. It was masked in too much white powder. She looked like a porcelain doll with brown arms.

Fresh seafood lunch and a walk along the beach at East Coast

A popular way for locals to spend lazy weekends in Singapore is to head for a fresh seafood lunch at East Coast Village followed by a stroll along the beach. Visiting East Coast has been on my list of things to do for quite some time since moving to Singapore and honestly I felt like it was a daunting task. East Coast is not so easy to access as there is no MRT station or…
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Amazing Laksa with Cockles and Prawn Noodle at 波东巴西146 佳加

After a year of searching, I have finally found the best laksa in Singapore at 波东巴西146 佳加. I have no idea what this joint is called in English, except it is also referred to as Sam Wei Food, and I don’t care either. All I know is that it is a stone’s throw from my house and for just $5 I can get a bowl of some of the best laksa soup I have ever tried…
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Take the career personality test to discover your TRUE CALLING!

This career personality test, developed by a senior Human Resources professional and certified MBTI practitioner, will help you to discover your true calling. The questions are designed to dig deep into your psyche and uncover your innate drivers and motivators. In order to align with modern day jobs, this career personality test recognises eight core personality types that are aligned to a range of career paths.

An amazing career that started with a shitty cup of coffee

“Thank you, and by the way your coffee tastes like shit.” That was the line that got me my first real job in London. I spent my formative years working in hospitality. During my early 20’s in Sydney I was waiting tables in Darling Harbour. The money was good and I have fond memories of drinking the dregs from leftover bottles of wine, whilst smoking cigarettes and polishing cutlery at the end of a busy shift.