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Why I’m lucky to have a loud voice according to Paul Carr

I have a loud voice which I used to think of as a curse, since being loud is considered unladylike. If the ideal woman is supposed to be demure and sweet-sounding, like sun-tinged honey drops, then my voice is like the blare of a thousand angry women screaming; raucous and intense! Quite often I will find myself at a café, minding my own business and chatting casually with a friend, when someone from a nearby…
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What is a little money between friends?

What is a little money between friends? It’s funny how the relationship between money and friends has so many cultural overlays. In Europe, for instance, people openly share their salary details with one another. Not so much as to compare their situation or show off, but rather to bitch about their sorry lot. Salaries in the UK are some of the lowest in the world relative to the cost of living. The divide between rich…
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Moving to Singapore has made me fat, it’s time to lose some weight

It usually starts with a photo; one awful photo of yourself looking fat and horrible, which is your wakeup call. For me, that photo was from my recent holiday to Gili Air. I was standing in front of the pier wearing a yellow t-shirt and some elephant-print pants (the typical female backpacker uniform). It made me realise just how much weight I have gained since coming to Singapore. It also made me reconsider my diet and…
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Who are Tokyo’s homeless and what can we learn from them?

My first visit to Japan was on a business trip. I spent Monday to Friday working long hours and seeing little else besides the inside of my hotel room and the office. But I arranged to stay over the weekend so I could have a chance to explore Tokyo. 

How I helped my boss discover his True and Authentic self

A shapely woman with coffee colour skin stood at the front of the auditorium, facing a crowd of fifty eager young women. She wore a sleeveless, white cotton dress with wide navy stripes that accentuated her round figure. Her full lips were immaculately coloured red. But there was something not quite right about her face. It was masked in too much white powder. She looked like a porcelain doll with brown arms.

What to do when you lock your keys in the car… I did it in Thailand

What do you do when you lock your keys in the car? This happened to me recently during a weekend in Bangkok. I had driven outside of the city with a group of friends and we were having a fabulous time browsing the fresh produce and buying all sorts of traditional handcrafts and foods at the Bagnoi Floating Market. We went back to the car to load up our purchases in the trunk and after…
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My Mochi kitten is the ultimate gossip girl and fashionista!

Misty and Mochi are my two clever kittens that live with me in Singapore. Like other beautiful youths, they cherish many hopes and dreams for the future. However they also face personal difficulties and they like to share their experiences with others. Mochi is the youngest sibling and she is also the most adored girl in the household. She is often described as beautiful, gorgeous, mesmerising and enchanting. Her MBTI profile is ESFP and she…
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My clever kitten Misty who loves reading and drinking wine

Misty and Mochi are my two clever kittens that live with me in Singapore. They hold many hopes and dreams for the future but they also experience trials and tribulations that are easy to relate to. Misty is the elder and more mature sister. Some people describe her as the most cerebral member of the household. Her MBTI profile is ENTP and although she comes across as shy initially, she is actually very bossy.

Love my kittens Misty and Mochi although they are not rescue cats

For many years I was a crazy cat lady without any cats until I took home my two grey kittens Misty and Mochi this weekend. I was searching for sibling kittens to adopt for several months and everyone insisted I should rescue stray cats who were most in need of a home. I might add, most people who volunteered their opinion didn’t own pets of their own. From the moment I first met Misty and…
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Chop Kongsi Atelier Workshop by May Lyn Foo in Penang

I was strolling through George Town in Penang and seeking refuge from the heat, when I happened upon the Chop Kongsi atelier workshop. This darling little store full of quirks and delights is run by May Lyn Foo. The hour I spent browsing the trifles and trinkets and casually chatting with May Lyn were one of the highlights of visit to Penang.

Finding a Condo to Rent in Singapore and the Unscrupulous Agents

One of the first challenges I faced moving to Singapore was finding a place to rent. I learned quickly that the system, which is designed to protect renters, is full of unscrupulous real estate agents. Nonetheless, luck was on my side as at the time rents were low and there were plenty of vacant modern condominiums. I found a convenient two bedroom apartment close to the city centre… and I lived to tell the tale.

Remembering my trip to Brighton Beach with a Troubled Friend

I was browsing through some old photos recently when I came across an album from when I visited Brighton beach with my friend a few years ago. My friend was an alcoholic and sadly has passed away now, but I had fond memories of her and our trip. We spent a weekend together hanging around the Brighton boardwalk and soaking in the local culture. It was our last good time together.

An Ordinary Life After Breaking my L1 Bone

It took many years for me to achieve an ordinary and pain free life after breaking my L1 bone. I had broken my back after falling two stories from the roof of a building in London. In hospital just days after the fall, the surgeon and spinal specialist Dr Arun Ranganathan asked me to make a choice, to undergo spinal surgery or stay bed bound and let the injury heal naturally. It was a difficult decision, but…
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My Housemate from Hell was a Drunk not a Mummy’s Boy

I have lived with all sorts of people, from students to old women, but my housemate from hell was a drunk. I once thought that a mummy’s boy was the worst person you could live because they are not used to doing things for themselves. However my view changed after I had a terrible experience living with a drunk. An alcoholic is an irrational person who spends all their money on drinking and has no…
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An Australian Contractor and Advice for Working in Sydney

I recently had the pleasure to meet with an Australian contractor who is currently working in Sydney. Tom is a self-described perennial student of love, life, death and all of life’s lessons. He grew up in rural NSW before moving to the big city and becoming successful in the ICT industry. He also has a reputation for being (slightly) enigmatic. Sydney looks like a dream destination in glossy postcards, however speaking with Tom convinced me that it could actually…
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Living with Chronic Nerve Pain and Advice for Living Life

I broke my back in October 2012 and lived with chronic pain for five years. This is a reality for many people who undergo surgery or suffer from spinal conditions and nerve pain is particularly severe. If you are a chronic pain patient, you have pain 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every minute of your life. The most common outcome of living with pain is depression. Pain can be debilitating and you spend a lot of time in denial and…
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What Happens & How To Recover from a Broken Back

What happens when you have a broken back? Well, it means a painful and long road to recovery however with determination and good medical treatment you can recover and lead a normal life. When I broke my back, I was living in London at the time and it was a wake up call. I needed to change my lifestyle and my mentality. Fortunately the ordeal is now a distant memory and I am stronger for…
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