Stop asking yourself, “Am I a bitch?” and take the bitchiness quiz

Am I a bitch

Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I a bitch”? Sure you have, we all go through it. A bitch is a person who is mean, spiteful and driven by their own selfish interests rather than the common good. Nobody ever plans to be a bitch but for some people, it just comes naturally. After years of practice, some people even wear their bitchiness like a badge of honour.

Deep down, most of us want to be good people and we try to suppress nasty urges. Sometimes we are successful, and other times we slip and do something really bitchy. Then there is that special minority who are really decent people all of the time.

You can now find out just how bitchy you are by taking this simple quiz. To receive an accurate bitchiness rating, choose your most likely approach to each of the following scenarios. The quiz is 100% anonymous so you can answer honestly.

[qsm quiz=2]

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