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“Waterfall hike” and water bottle houses at Taman Wisata Batu Mentas

I visited the Taman Wisata Batu Mentas on day two of my long weekend to Belitung. The visit was a unique way to experience the island’s natural habitat and taste locally prepared food. We also got to check-out some really unique houses constructed from water bottles. However, don’t set your expectatons too high if you plan to visit here. You may be disappointed.

Welcome to Belitung, humdrum sunset over the blue sky mines

This September, I embarked on a mini three-day adventure with a great group of women to Belitung Island in Indonesia. Belitung is not a popular tourist destination and I was curious to discover an island not yet spoilt by the hoards of water bottle people. Whilst I admit there was not a smashed avocado on toast in sight on the island, by the end of the trip I realised that Belitong is probably too undeveloped for my…
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What’s the difference between Japanese and Korean BBQ?

Why is rivalry an indisputable element of human nature? To be human is to want to compete against others. There are all sorts of rivalries but none are so exciting – yet conflicting – as national rivalries! Australia vs New Zealand, England vs Scotland, Singapore vs Hong Kong, Italy vs France… Japan vs Korea!

Why I’m lucky to have a loud voice according to Paul Carr

I have a loud voice which I used to think of as a curse, since being loud is considered unladylike. If the ideal woman is supposed to be demure and sweet-sounding, like sun-tinged honey drops, then my voice is like the blare of a thousand angry women screaming; raucous and intense! Quite often I will find myself at a café, minding my own business and chatting casually with a friend, when someone from a nearby…
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Black Tap is a comforting place for emotional eaters

The juicy burgers at Black Tap have often been a comfort to me. I’m an emotional eater and when I have a bad day at work I like to gorge on fried food and gulp down sugary drinks. Black Tap is the ultimate mall-grade restaurant for emotional eaters because they have calorie-worthy food.

How to appreciate life through the lens of poetry

Although I am an avid reader, I have never been a fan of poetry. Whilst I will happily obliterate a weekend devouring volumes of Tolstoy, Dickens, Greene and other classic writers, the thought of reading a Shakespearean sonnet sends me to sleep! Well.. at least until my recent awakening. I have learned that enjoying a good book and appreciating poetry are two vastly different things. In a book, there is a storyline to follow and…
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Coffee in Raffles Place, the best cafés for meetings and cheap coffee!

In Raffles Place, a café is not judged by the quality of the coffee they serve but rather by the prices they charge and whether or not there is ample seating. You see, the CBD is all about the perfect coffee meeting. Quite often for newbies to the area, the price of a new friend or business connection is a cup of coffee at Raffles Place. Read on to learn about my favourite coffee haunts…
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Best bars in Farrer Park, when you fancy a drink but don’t want beer!

I miss being able to enjoy a few quiet drinks at my local pub. The concept of a neighbourhood bar is not very popular in Singapore. I mean, it is a small country after all and it doesn’t take long to jump in a taxi and head to Robertson Quay. Nonetheless, I have been seeking out all the possible places to enjoy a good cocktail or glass of wine in my area of Farrer Park….
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A Cooking Lesson in a Traditional Sri Lankan Home near Galle Fort

One of the most memorable gastronomic adventures I have experienced was a cooking lesson in a traditional Sri Lankan home. Sri Lankan food is highly aromatic and rich, featuring all sorts of tropical vegetables not to mention roots, herbs, chills and curry powders. However enjoying authentic Sri Lankan food can be a real challenge because most of the restaurants in Sri Lanka cater to tourists rather than locals. In Sri Lanka, it is commonplace to…
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Delectable Soy Chicken Ramen at Haikee Brothers in China Town Point

Haikee Brothers is a new fast-service restaurant that has recently opened its doors in China Town Point. Their specialty is roasted soy chicken and I must admit, their chicken is very tasty. The soy chicken ramen particularly is a stellar dish! However even the most laid back diner will not be prepared for the shockingly bad customer service at Haikee Brothers. Visit once for the cheap and cheerful chicken dishes but this place is unlikely…
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The best foodie experiences in the Hunter Valley if you wanna pig out

The Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s most famous wine-growing regions. However in recent years, it has also gained a reputation as an important gastronomic locale of NSW. It is only two hours away from Sydney and so the area is bustling with Sydneysiders on the weekend. In general, Sydneysiders maintain strict diets during the week, which often includes skipping lunch, so when they escape the city they love to pig out. Many fancy restaurants and…
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The whites of Pokolbin and how to drink wine in the Hunter Valley

Many Australians turn their nose up at the Hunter Valley. They claim the wine is average and the Hunter Valley is just for tourists. Well, those type of Aussies are stuck in a bad time warp. They still harp on about “how great” New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is.

What is a little money between friends?

What is a little money between friends? It’s funny how the relationship between money and friends has so many cultural overlays. In Europe, for instance, people openly share their salary details with one another. Not so much as to compare their situation or show off, but rather to bitch about their sorry lot. Salaries in the UK are some of the lowest in the world relative to the cost of living. The divide between rich…
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Are you an interesting person?

Are you an interesting person? It is a question we secretly ask ourselves each morning as we look at our tired, crumpled faces in the mirror. We want to know whether people really find us interesting or they are feigning to laugh at our pathetic jokes.

Danau Biru and the religious and natural diversity in Bintan

I was blown away by Danau Biru, the blue lake, among other awesome sights in Bintan. Many residents of Singapore regard Bintan as just some island to go for a cheap day spa. But Bintan has far more to offer with incredible religious and natural diversity.

I would take a ferry to Bintan for Kelong Ciuyong Seafood Restaurant

I went to Bintan for the first time recently and while the sightseeing was good, my culinary experiences at Kelong Ciuyong were the most remarkable. But to begin with, I do hope I have got the name of this place right. The signpost outside the restaurant reads “Welcome to RM Ballond ALIM Seafood” but the menu header reads “Kelong Ciuyong Seafood Restaurant.” Whatever the place is called, it really is one of the best seafood…
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Delicious but expensive Fook Kin char siew and roasted meats

Fook Kin is the kind of place that I would take my mum to. They do Chinese roasted meats in a trendy-looking and air-conditioned shop along the exclusive Killiney Road. My mum likes to know what is hot and what is not, but she also cannot take the heat of some of the older, airless hawker centres. Whilst I must admit, Fook Kin do the best char siew in all of Singapore, I personally do…
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Mahota is my new healthy favourite for shopping and eating

I only started my healthy eating journey about four weeks ago, but ever since going keto I’ve been discovering all sorts of interesting places to shop and eat in Singapore. Mahota is the first in a long list of incredible finds that I’m excited to share with you!

Hiking Gunung Bintan is easy in theory but sweaty work in reality!

Exercise to me is the equivalent of green vegetables to children. Everyone insists they are good and healthy but the only way you can get those green buggers down the hatch is with plenty of ketchup and the promise of dessert. Simply put, I hate exercise. To make it more palatable I often try to combine exercise with my passion for travel.

Am I a bitch

Stop asking yourself, “Am I a bitch?” and take the bitchiness quiz

Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I a bitch”? Sure you have, we all go through it. A bitch is a person who is mean, spiteful and driven by their own selfish interests rather than the common good. Nobody ever plans to be a bitch but for some people, it just comes naturally. After years of practice, some people even wear their bitchiness like a badge of honour.

How well do you know Indonesian cuisine? It is more than just satay!

Before I moved to Southeast Asia I had always considered Indonesian cuisine as unhealthy and unimaginative. My limited views were coloured by a family holiday to Bali, many years ago, where we ate copious amounts of sticky chicken skewers covered in glutinous peanut sauce. But Indonesian food is more than just satay and peanuts. In fact, most people do not appreciate that satay refers to the preparation of meat on skewers rather than peanut sauce.

My favourite things to do on Gili Air, the island off an island!

Gili Air is remote tropical paradise. Quite literally, it is an island off an island situated off the north-east coast of Lombok in Indonesia. It has always been my experience that an island getaway sounds better in theory than it ever is in reality. You turn up to these so called “island paradises” only to find one of two problems – either the beaches are overpopulated with loud tourists and rip-off vendors selling sunglasses and sugary-drinks….
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Moving to Singapore has made me fat, it’s time to lose some weight

It usually starts with a photo; one awful photo of yourself looking fat and horrible, which is your wakeup call. For me, that photo was from my recent holiday to Gili Air. I was standing in front of the pier wearing a yellow t-shirt and some elephant-print pants (the typical female backpacker uniform). It made me realise just how much weight I have gained since coming to Singapore. It also made me reconsider my diet and…
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Gili Cooking Class

Back to basics with an easy Gili Cooking Class minus the kecap manis!

A holiday abroad never seems complete to me unless I can participate in a cookery class. Like any true foodie, getting busy in the kitchen is one of my favourite pastimes. It’s also a great way to learn about other cultures. For my recent trip to the Gili Islands, the thought of learning some spicy Indonesian dishes against an idyllic island backdrop sounded totally peachy.

Easy Noodle is proof that Farrer Park is moving up in the world

Easy Noodle is a bittersweet yet welcome sign of gentrification to Farrer Park. It is the first respectable restaurant with nice cutlery that serves proper alcohol (i.e. not beer) along Jalan Besar. Although I am a rabid anti-capitalist, I secretly admit I am chuffed about this new addition to the neighbourhood. Sure, it is an indicator that rents are probably on the way up but, on the other hand, there is finally a decent restaurant…
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Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodle: Don’t be put off by the name, it’s incredible!

I am so excited to be writing about Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodle, a newish noodle shop located in China Town Point. Although the name “Tongue Tip” is a little off-putting for a Western like me, the noodle soup here is incredible. So much so that stopping for a delicious bowl of beef noodles in China Town, after a bit of reflexology, is now a firm part of my routine. 

Flowers & Fire

I survived Flowers & Fire yoga on Gili Air (as a semi-retired yogi)

Why are yoga classes always taught by skinny white women – even in the middle of Asia? I pondered the question as a slender Australian women with spectacular flowing hair strutted into the yoga studio, right to the very front of the class. I could tell she was Australian by her accent. She quickly announced to everyone in her Aussie twang that the class might start a little late as there was a bit of…
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