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Let me start by saying who Bossy Flossie isn’t. Do you know those apparently brave and annoying travel bloggers, who quit their jobs to travel the world? Well, I am not one of them. They irritate me. Why is quitting your office job to go travelling brave? The majority of the world’s population do not even hold office jobs #firstworldproblems. And with a little resourcefulness and good time management, it is possible to explore the world without shirking your responsibilities. Read More about “About Bossy Flossie”

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Easy Noodles Bar(一期一会)でコスパ最高のビーフ麺!

ジャランベサー通りにオープンしたEasy Noodles Bar(一期一会)って?? 近所のジャランベサー(Jalan Besar)通りに最近オープンした「Easy Noodles Bar(一期一会)」に行ってきました。 英語のレビューを読みたい方はBossyflossieのブログ記事を呼んであげてください。 一期一会と言うと私の前に住んでいたリババリ(River Valley)通りの居酒屋

Find out if you are capable of committing a crime!

How well do you know yourself and whether you would be capable of committing a crime? A moral compass is an internalised set of values and objectives that guide a person with regard to ethical behaviour and decision-making. Most people achieve a…
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